November 16 , 2020. 


Kamchatka , Klyuchevskoy :


Issued: November 16 ,2020 .
Volcano: Klyuchevskoy (CAVW #300260)
Current aviation colour code: ORANGE
Previous aviation colour code: orange
Source: KVERT
Notice Number: 2020-211
Volcano Location: N 56 deg 3 min E 160 deg 38 min
Area: Kamchatka, Russia
Summit Elevation: 15580 ft (4750 m)

Volcanic Activity Summary:
A moderate explosive-effusive eruption of the volcano continues. According to video and satellite data, gas-steam plume with some amount of ash extended for 105 km to the eastnortheast of the volcano.
This eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700-23,000 ft (6-7 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft.

Volcanic cloud height:
16400 ft (5000 m) AMSL Time and method of ash plume/cloud height determination: 20201116/0500Z – Himawari-8

Other volcanic cloud information:
Distance of ash plume/cloud of the volcano: 65 mi (105 km)
Direction of drift of ash plume/cloud of the volcano: ENE / azimuth 66 deg
Time and method of ash plume/cloud determination: 20201116/0500Z – Himawari-8

Source : Kvert.

Photo : Александр Панферов , 10 novembre, 07:10 


Guatemala , Pacaya :

Information bulletin n ° 504-2020

The scientific entity of the National Coordination System for Disaster Prevention –CONRED-, the Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology –INSIVUMEH-, reported through special volcanological bulletins of the increase in the activity of the Pacaya volcano.

INSIVUMEH reports that the Pacaya volcano has increased its effusive activity in recent hours, mainly on the southwest flank. The avalanches increased their course to 500 meters, causing ash to rise. Accompanying this activity, a degassing column is recorded at an altitude of 3000 meters (9843 feet) in white and blue tones.

Likewise, moderate to strong explosions are recorded which reject materials up to 300 meters high above the crater, these explosions launch ballistic projections in a radius of about 100 meters.

Given the increase in the activity of the Pacaya volcano, the Volcano Prevention Unit -UPV-, of CONRED, continues with the verification of the conditions in the communities surrounding the volcano, when it is covered with cloudiness, there is therefore no visibility. Constant communication is maintained with the authorities of the local and municipal coordinators.

It is recommended that the population be attentive to the information shared by their local authorities, as well as have their Family Response Plan, a 72 hour backpack for each family member and promote the principle of self-evacuation, in case they feel their life is in danger.

Source : Conred.

Photo : Prensa libre depuis vidéo.


Indonesia , Merapi :


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