March 16 , 2020 .



Alaska , Semisopochnoi :

AVO/USGS Volcanic Activity Notice

Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Previous Volcano Alert Level: ADVISORY
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE
Previous Aviation Color Code: YELLOW
Issued: Sunday, March 15, 2020, 5:24 PM AKDT
Source: Alaska Volcano Observatory
Location: N 51 deg 55 min E 179 deg 35 min
Elevation: 2625 ft (800 m)
Area: Aleutians

Minor ash deposits on the south and west flanks of the north cone of Mount Cerberus, Semisopochnoi Island, Sept. 10, 2018, captured by ESA Sentinel-2. Also note probable minor steam emissions obscuring the crater of the north cone.

Volcanic Activity Summary:
Seismicity has been increasing the last few days at Semisopochnoi, and now is characterized by nearly continuous tremor and frequent small explosion signals. This represents a significant increase in activity and the Alaska Volcano Observatory is increasing the Aviation Color Code to ORANGE and the Volcano Alert Level to WATCH. No significant ash emissions have been detected in satellite images; clouds cover much of the island to around 10,000 ft. asl.

Recent Observations:
[Volcanic cloud height] n/a
[Other volcanic cloud information] n/a

Semisopochnoi is monitored with an on-island seismic network, and remotely by satellite and lightning sensors. An infrasound array on Adak Island could detect explosive emissions from Semisopochnoi with a 13 minute delay if atmospheric conditions permit.

Source : AVO .

Photo : waythomas, chris; ESA Sentinel-2.


Kamchatka , Klyuchevskoy :


Issued: 20200315/0435Z
Volcano: Klyuchevskoy (CAVW #300260)
Current aviation colour code: ORANGE
Previous aviation colour code: orange
Source: KVERT
Notice Number: 2020-31
Volcano Location: N 56 deg 3 min E 160 deg 38 min
Area: Kamchatka, Russia
Summit Elevation: 15580 ft (4750 m)


Volcanic Activity Summary:
A moderate explosive eruption of the volcano continues, the Strombolian activity is noting. According to satellite data, a gas-steam plume containing some amount of ash is extending for 170 km to the north-east of the volcano.
This eruption continues. Ash explosions up to 16,400-23,000 ft (5-7 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft.

Volcanic cloud height:
18040 ft (5500 m) AMSL Time and method of ash plume/cloud height determination: 20200315/0430Z – Video data

Other volcanic cloud information:
Distance of ash plume/cloud of the volcano: 106 mi (170 km)
Direction of drift of ash plume/cloud of the volcano: ENE / azimuth 60 deg
Time and method of ash plume/cloud determination: 20200315/0410Z – Himawari-8

Source : Kvert.

Photo : Kamtrekking via Sherine France .


Vanuatu , Yasur :

19°32’0”S 169°26’30”E
Summit 1184ft (361m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: Level 2

Yasur volcano activity has now increased in the major unrest state. The volcanic Alert Level remains at Level 2 .

New observations on the ground suggest that the Yasur volcanic activity emits plumes of ash and volcanic gases. With this current activity which consist of volcanic ash emissions from eruptive vents and presence of volcanic gases around the summit crater, the danger zone has increased to 600 meter around the volcanic cone.

Analysis of the latest Yasur seismic data from the volcano monitoring system confirms this increase in activity of the Yasur volcano at the major unrest state. The activity consists of ongoing explosions and emissions of ash plumes and volcanic gases. Some explosions remains intensified and volcanic projectiles or bombs may fall in and/or around the summit crater.

The Yasur Volcanic Alert Level (VAL) has been at the Level 2 since 18th October 2016. The current observations are consistent with the activity of the Volcanic Alert Level 2. Level 2 indicates ‘ Major level of unrest; Danger zone is now at 600 m around the volcanic cone ’. With this current volcanic activity, it is a useful reminder that eruptions can occur with little or no warning.

Source : Geohazard Vanuatu .

Photo : G Vitton.


Ecuador , Sangay :


Surface activity level: High, Surface trend: No change.
Internal activity level: High, Internal trend: No change.

Seismicity (events): From March 14, 2020, 11:00 a.m. to March 15, 2020, 11:00 a.m .:
Long Period Type (LP): 7 events
Explosions (EXP): 18 events.
Emission tremors (TE): 3

Rains / lahars: There was rain, with an additional yesterday’s lahar signal which lasted approximately 2 hours. Another indicator from Morona Santiago reported that there is a dam at the confluence of the Upano river with the Volcan river. This could be associated with the descent of the mudslides.

Emission / ash column: In the afternoon yesterday, a continuous emission of gas and ash was observed with a southwest direction and a height up to 1000 meters above the level of the crater.

Other monitoring parameters: At night, the remobilization of the deposits deposited on the south-eastern flank and the formation of pyroclastic flows were observed, as happened in the previous days.

Observations: For the moment, the volcano sector is cloudy.
Alert level: yellow.

Source : IGEPN.

Photo : John Arellano via Sherine France .


Iceland , Grindavik :

Yesterday morning an M3.2 earthquake was detected just N of Herðubreið. Over 150 earthquakes have been located there over the weekend. Around a week ago there were also around 100 earthquakes located there. Seismic swarms are common in this area, last time an earthquake above M3.0 was detected in similar area was in November 2019.

The earthquake swarm that started 12th of March NE of Grindavík is still ongoing, but the intensity of the swarm has decreased since in the beginning. Number of minor earthquakes are still being detected in the area. In the beginning of the swarm an M5.2 earthquake occurred about 5 km NE of Grindavík. During the first day of the swarm eight other earthquakes above M3.0 were detected. Uplift is no longer being observed in the area.

The uncertainty phase that Civil Protections declared is in force.

Source : IMO.


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