February 08 , 2024.


Iceland : Reykjanes Peninsula .

A volcanic eruption has started at the Sundhnúksgígar crater row

Updated 8 February at 7:50

At 5:30 this morning an intense seismic activity started north-east of mt. Sýlingarfell. Around 30 minutes later, a volcanic eruption started at the site.

The eruptive fissure lengthened both towards north and south during the first minutes.

Image from the Icelandic Coast Guard’s surveillance flight. Mt. Stóra-Skógfell in the foreground and the lights at the Svartsengi power station to the right. (Photo: Björn Oddsson).

The first images from the Icelandic Coast Guard’s surveillance flight suggest that the eruption takes place at a similar location as the eruption on the 18th of December 2023. The eruptive fissure is approximately 3 km long, from mt. Sundhnúkur in the south and stretches towards the eastern part of mt. Stóra-Skógfell. Lava flows mostly towards west at the moment and the flow seems to be slightly less than at the start of the 18th of December eruption.

Source : IMO

Photo : Björn Oddsson

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