April 08 , 2019.



Alaska , Veniaminof :

56°11’52 » N 159°23’35 » W,
Summit Elevation 8225 ft (2507 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: ADVISORY
Current Aviation Color Code: YELLOW

Weakly elevated surface temperatures were observed in partly cloudy satellite images during the past 24 hours. Mostly clear web camera views showed steaming from the intracaldera cone. Weak, low-level tremor continues to be observed on seismic stations at the volcano.

It remains possible for eruptive activity consisting of lava effusion, ash emissions or both to resume at any time without significant precursory seismic events.

Veniaminof volcano is monitored with a local real-time seismic network, which will typically allow AVO to detect changes in unrest that may lead to a more significant explosive eruption. AVO combines seismic, infrasound, lightning, and satellite data for rapid detection of such events.

Source : AVO

Photo : McGimsey, R. G.


Chile , Nevados de Chillan :

Volcanic Activity Report (RAV), Volcanological Observatory of the South Andes – Ovdas, 06 April 2019, 15:00 HL.
Current alert level: ORANGE

Volcanic monitoring
Seismic activity: During the last 24 hours, the monitoring network of the Nevados volcanic complex in Chillan continues to record volcano tectonic (VT) type seismicity, long period type (LP) and tremor episodes, with seismic energy who remains at a rank considered moderate. The seismicity LP and TR being related to the occurrence of explosions which impulses the surface activity and is associated with the variation between the growth and the partial destruction of the viscous lava dome in the crater Nicanor.

Observations: The most energetic VT event was located 1.1 km southeast of the active crater at a depth of 4.0 km.
It has been registered:
3 events of type VT, reduced displacement value: 1.3 cm2
62 events of type LP, reduced displacement value: 132 cm2
52 events of type TR, reduced displacement value: 57 cm2
21 events of type EX, reduced displacement value: 132 cm2

When weather conditions permitted, pulsatile emissions of predominantly white color, with predominance of water vapor, and sometimes greyish tones, were seen due to the presence of particulate materials. During the night, incandescence is observed and ballistic materials on the crater contour. The maximum height of the gas column does not correspond to the highest explosion recorded.

Other observations:
⦁ Infrasound sensors recorded acoustic signals associated with explosions (EX) with maximum values ​​and less than 0.53 Pa (reduced to 1 km as a reference).
⦁ No thermal radiation was reported according to the information processed by the MIROVA group.

The behavior of the Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex continues to evolve as a result of a minor eruption related to the growth and partial destruction of a lava dome tucked into the active crater « Nicanor », whose internal dynamics drive activity explosive hot gases and pulsatile releases, ballistic particles around the crater, while maintaining the production of long – period type seismic events and tremors, in ranges of energy considered moderate for this process. This process could generate a major eruptive event without showing clear precursors.

Source : Sernageomin

Photo :  ovdas


Indonesia , Bromo :

Level of activity at Level II (WASPADA). The Bromo (2329 m altitude) has experienced prolonged eruptions.
Since yesterday until this morning, it was clearly visible before being covered with fog. Crater smoke from white to gray was observed with low intensity to a maximum altitude of 900 meters above the summit. The wind was weak in the northwest and north.

The seismographs, April 7, 2019, recorded:
3 earthquakes of eruption
Tremor continuous amplitude 0.5 – 31 mm, dominant 3 mm.

Communities around G. Bromo and visitors / tourists should not move within 1 km of the crater.



Issued: April 06 , 2019 
Volcano: Bromo (263310)
Current Aviation Colour Code: ORANGE
Previous Aviation Colour Code: orange
Source: Bromo Volcano Observatory
Notice Number: 2019BRO23
Volcano Location: S 07 deg 56 min 31 sec E 112 deg 57 min 00 sec
Area: East java, Indonesia
Summit Elevation: 7453 FT (2329 M)

Volcanic Activity Summary:
Eruption with volcanic ash cloud at 00h18 UTC (07h18 local). Eruption and ash emission is continuing.

Volcanic Cloud Height:
Best estimate of ash-cloud top is around 10333 FT (3229 M) above sea level, may be higher than what can be observed clearly. Source of height data: ground observer.

Other Volcanic Cloud Information:
Ash-cloud moving to southeast

Seismic activity is characterized by continuous volcanic tremor.

Source : PVMBG , Magma Indonesia .

Photo : Oystein Lund Andersen .


Mexico , Popocatepetl :

April 07, 11:00 am (April 07, 17:00 GMT).

During the last 24 hours, thanks to the surveillance systems of the Popocatépetl volcano, 62 exhalations have been identified, accompanied by volcanic gases and light amounts of ash. In addition, yesterday at 3:20 pm, a volcano-tectonic earthquake was recorded, with a calculated magnitude of M2.0. Similarly, low amplitude tremor segments were recorded, totaling 137 minutes in total. In addition to these events, continuous emissions of gas and light amounts of ash dispersed mainly to the east-southeast were observed.

At the time of writing, we have again observed a slight emission of volcanic gases dispersed in the East-South-East direction.

CENAPRED urges NOT to APPROACH the volcano and in particular the crater, for the danger of falling ballistic fragments, and in case of heavy rains, to stay away from ravine bottoms because of the danger of mudslides and debris.

The volcanic alert semaphore of Popocatepetl is located in PHASE 3 YELLOW.

Source : Cenapred .

Photo : seemexico.com



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