March 01 , 2017. EN. Etna , Ebeko , Pacaya , Sabancaya .

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March 01 , 2017. EN. Etna , Ebeko , Pacaya , Sabancaya .

March 01 , 2017.


Etna , Sicily :

Etna, INGV Update 28 February 2017, 13:00

Since 17:00 UTC on February 27th, the Strombolian activity of the New South-East Crater, which began on January 23rd, has gradually intensified, creating a lava flood that has rapidly reached the base of the cone, slowly directed towards the Southwest, in the direction of Monte Frumento Supino.


The front of this flow is currently at an altitude of about 2850 m. Strombolian activity is always associated with an ash emission from NCSE, which is dispersed by wind in the direction of the East flanks. On the villages of Zafferana and Linguaglossa, a modest fall of ash has been reported.


As for the volcanic tremor, after the sudden increase in its average amplitude, which began at 17 UTC yesterday, it has stabilized approximately at high values from 19h, registering a maximum between 22h and 24h yesterday. From the early hours of today, the average amplitude of the volcanic tremor, while remaining at high levels, showed small fluctuations.
The deformation of the ground acquired by the high frequency GPS stations and the signals of the inclinometers do not show any significant changes associated with the intensification of the eruptive activity.

Source : INGV

Photos : B Behncke , Butterfly Helicopters Services.


Ebeko , Northern Kuriles , Russia :

50.69 N, 156.01 E;
Elevation 3792 ft (1156 m)
Aviation Color Code is YELLOW

A moderate explosive activity of Ebeko volcano continues. According to the data by observers from Severo-Kurilsk (Paramushir Island, Northern Kuriles), an ash plume rose up to 2 km a.s.l. and extended about 6 km to the north from the volcano on February 27.


Explosive activity of the Ebeko volcano on 27 February 2017.

A moderate gas-steam with some amount of ash activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 16,400 ft (5 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft and airport of Severo-Kurilsk.

Source : Kvert

Photo : T. Kotenko. IVS FEB RAS, KVERT


Pacaya , Guatemala :

Activity type: strombolian.
Morphology: Stratovolcan composite
Geographical location: 14 ° 22’50˝ Latitude N; 90 ° 36’00˝ Longitude W.
Altitude: 2,552msnm.

The Pacaya volcano, during the last days, showed periods of growth of activity which generated a lava flow that is 20 meters wide and about 150 meters long. But it has been observed over the course of days that the length has varied because there are times when the supply of filling material decreases or increases. The likelihood of lava flowing in the next few hours or days is not ruled out.


This activity is the result of the accumulation of matter and the formation of an incandescent cone which generates constant pulses reaching heights of 15 to 30 meters which have filled a large part of the crater and caused an overflow from the part of the crater where the crack of the 2010 eruption is located ,  towards the crater of Cerro Chino.
This new cycle of lava flow activity is expected to continue in the coming days, generating moderate to severe explosions over 300 meters above the crater.

Source : Insivumeh

Photo : Photovolcanica ( archives)


Sabancaya , Peru :

Significant seismic activity was associated with movement and / or rising magma (hybrid earthquakes), which is also reflected in the increase in explosions (42 explosions per day on average), with a value of reduced displacement (DR) of 72 cm2.
• The eruptive columns of gas and ashes reached 4300 meters above the edge of the crater (24 February), extending more than 40 km to the South and south-west of the volcano.

• The tendency of the deformation showed a change, up to 18 mm (19 February).
• The flow of volcanic gas (SO2) reached a maximum of 4070 tonnes / day on 24 February.
• A thermal anomaly of 3 MW of radiated volcanic power (GRP) was detected.

Overall volcanic activity increased compared to last week

Source : IGP

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