October 09 , 2016. EN. Asosan , Turrialba , Nevado Del Ruiz , Colima .

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October 09 , 2016. EN. Asosan , Turrialba , Nevado Del Ruiz , Colima .

October 09 , 2016.

Asosan, Japan :

Mount Aso erupted in a plume of fire amount to 11,000 meters.

8 October 2016. The Mount Aso erupted with an impressive plume of smoke and ash of about 11,000 meters on 8 October, raising fears that large rocks can fall more than 1 km from the crater, in the prefecture of Kumamoto, said the Japan Meteorological Agency.
« It is extremely rare for an eruption column to exceed 10,000 meters, » said Makoto Saito, director of the Division of volcanology agency.
As a precaution, the agency immediately raised the level of alert, from 2 to 3, which means the entry into the zone around the crater is limited, and that access to the entire mountain 1,592 meters is limited.


This is the first time since Sept. 14, 2015, that the alert level has been increased to 3.
According to the agency, the peak Nakadake crater erupted for the first time in 36 years at 1:46. The last eruption took place on January 26, 1980.
Ash fell to Ichinomiya district of the city of Aso, located approximately eight kilometers north of the crater. The agency said the ash should fall into the remote prefectures in the Shikoku region.
As the volcano is in an active phase, Saito said, « It is possible that an eruption with the same scale happening again. »

Aso Shrine, completely flattened and damaged by April's earthquakes, is seen blanketed in white ash

Mount Asosan, Japan volcano erupts for the first time in nearly two decades and covers entire cities up to 250 kilometers of gray ash.

Meteorologists have warned that ash falling to 250 km of the mountain, and rocks within 30 kms
Images show government cleaners raking cars ash deposits covering the inside of a driving school
There were no immediate reports of injuries from the eruption. The volcano alert level was raised to level 3.

Sources : ASAHI SHIMBUN , Daylimail.


Turrialba , Costa Rica :

Activity report of the Turrialba volcano
October 8, 2016, updated 17 hours.

Today, October 8, 2016, the current eruption of the Turrialba volcano continued without a significant break. The seismic signals show fluctuations in the magnitude and the coherence of tremors that could indicate changes in the style and energy of the eruption (see seismogram recorded). However, cloudy conditions do not allow the observation of the activity by webcam. IMN weather stations indicate that the wind was blowing in the morning, from Northwest and from Southwest in the afternoon.

Reports of ash and sulfur odors: Montes de Oca, Alajuela, Sarchi, Sabanilla, Poas, Barva, Guachipelin, San José de la Montaña, Coronado, Heredia, Valverde Vega, Guadalupe, Guapiles and San Rafael de Heredia

The OVSICORI-A will issue by this means two daily reports on the activity of the volcano Turrialba, at 9:00 and 17:00.

08.10.2016, 12:30 Volcan Turrialba

During the day yesterday and this morning, the Turrialba volcano has maintained volcanic tremors recording with amplitudes and varying durations, accompanied by ash emissionswhose volume also varied, as we have seen from surveillance cameras and seismic stations RSN at the top of the volcano. The column of gas and ash was quickly dispersed by the wind blowing towards the northwest of the IMN station, which generates ash falls mainly in the north of Irazu volcano in the central valley. Information: Dr. Mauricio Mora

Sources : Ovsicori , RSN.


Nevado Del Ruiz , Colombia :


The Colombian Geological Service (CMS) refutes the information circulating on social networks, ie warning of an alleged earthquake on the volcano Nevado del Ruiz on Friday night. In this regard, the GSC specifies that « nowhere in the world was planned date, event location or magnitude of a seismic event,«  therefore, these messages are false.

The SGC said that the Nevado del Ruiz is an active volcano which has a seismicity, which may have recorded increases like today, and others that have reported promptly in recent years. For example, October 6, 2013, an increase in tectonic activity of the volcano, similar to that which took place today, certain events of considerable magnitude, such as the earthquake of 4.6 ML (magnitude local) that was recorded in the north of Arenas crater and reported as felt in the municipalities of the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Tolima. This seismic source is the same in which records an increase in activity, with the occurrence of seismic event today at 15:34 (local time) of magnitude 4.4 ML (Local Magnitude) that stands out.

These seismicity increases are normal given the current state of the Nevado del Ruiz (level of activity Yellow or III  ), which includes among other phenomena, the occurrence of felt earthquakes. Therefore, it is not excluded that can occur in the future other large magnitude earthquakes that can be felt in the vicinity of the volcano and in its area of influence.

Finally, recognizing that all inhabitants of the country are jointly responsible for risk management, invites the community to prepare well to proceed with caution, and to inform and consult the official information, making good use of social networks to avoid chaos and alarm. It is recalled that in Colombia, the only official bodies authorized to communicate and share information with technical and scientific support on the actual occurrence of an earthquake or volcanic activity are the Colombia Geological Survey (CMS) and the national Unit for risk management (UNGRD).

Source : SGC

Colima , Mexico :

Guadalajara, October 8, 2016
The staff of UNPCB performs surveillance overflights of the Colima volcano.

The Nevado of Colima National Park remains closed because of the presence of acid rain that damages a part of the vegetation.

This morning , the scientific personnel of the state unit of the Civil Protection of Jalisco, accompanied by researchers from the University of Colima has conducted an observation flight over the Colima, to continue the monitoring and analysis of the evolution of the dome formed in the crater and the lava front on the southern flank.
During the flyby, it was noted the continued decline of exit rate of lava dome. In the southwest corner, was noted a lava mound that appeared Thursday, October 6 and feeds the discharge flowing on the western flank. This one has advanced 900 meters. This front and two incandescent lava lobes continue to dump blocks in Montegrande and San Antonio canyons in neighboring federal entity.


It was observed continuous fumarole oriented to the west side, formed by the vapor of water, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. These chemicals products when combined with atmospheric moisture produce components of acid rain that affected the vegetation of the lower parts of the volcano, on the slopes south and south-west , side Colima and Jalisco, in the municipality of Zapotitlán of Vadillo.


It is important to remember that the exhalations, the effusive activity and pyroclastic landslides that are generated are a danger to people and activities in the upper area of the volcano, so the municipality of Jalisco maintains the perimeter of exclusion at a distance of 7.5 kilometers from the crater consistent with the map of volcanic hazards.

The vigilance of the UEPCB continues with constant monitoring of volcanic activity 24/24 hours 365 days. The officers of this agency with transport vehicle of 24 people remain in the town of Juan Barragan.



The UEPCB urges people not to camp in the canyons that drain the volcano, not to approach the exclusion perimeters established and for people who would eventually perform activities nearby, to postpone until further notice. Nevado National Park Colima remains closed due to the presence of acid rain that damages a part of the vegetation.

Source : UEPCB

Photo : Hernando Rivera, UEPCB

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