August 22 , 2016. EN. Kilauea , Kanlaon, Fuego , Cerro Machin .

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August 22 , 2016. EN. Kilauea , Kanlaon, Fuego , Cerro Machin .

August 22 , 2016.


Kilauea , Hawai :

19°25’16 » N 155°17’13 » W,
Summit Elevation 4091 ft (1247 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

Activity Summary:
Kilauea Volcano continues to erupt at its summit and from its East Rift Zone. The 61G lava flow continues to enter the ocean at Kamokuna and produce scattered breakouts on the coastal plain and pali. The flow poses no threat to nearby communities. Activity of the Halema’uma’u lava lake continues, with its surface around 40 m (131 ft) below the crater rim.



Crédit : David Ford

Summit Observations:
The circulating lava lake within the Halema’uma’u Overlook crater remains active. Deflationary tilt, marking the deflationary phase of the latest DI event, is ongoing this morning. As expected, the lava lake surface level has dropped in concert with the tilt, and is approximately 40 m (131 ft) below the crater rim. Seismicity rates are normal, with tremor fluctuations associated with lava lake spattering. The average daily summit sulfur dioxide emission rate ranged from 1,200 to 4,300 metric tons/day over the past week.


Crédit : Bruce Omori.

Pu’u’O’o Observations:
No significant changes are visible on webcam images; persistent glow continues at the long-term sources within the crater. There was also no significant change in seismicity. Gentle deflationary tilt began at Pu’u’O’o yesterday morning, with more rapid deflation occuring since early this morning. The sulfur dioxide emission rate from all East Rift Zone vents was about 270 metric tons/day when last measured on August 19.


Crédit : David Ford

Lava Flow Observations:
Activity of the 61G lava flow, extending southeast of Pu’u’O’o on Kilauea’s south flank, continues. The flow is entering the sea at several places near Kamokuna  , building an increasingly large lava delta at the base of the sea cliff. Scattered breakouts continue, predominantly on the pali, and the makai (seaward) portion of the coastal plain. NPS field crews observed collapses of the coastal lava delta yesterday evening. These events can increase hazards in the area.

Source : HVO

Photos : David Ford , Bruce Omori .


Kanlaon, Philippines :

Activity bulletin,  August 21 , 2016 08:00

Kanlaon Volcano’s seismic monitoring network recorded one (1) volcanic earthquake during the past 24 hours. Steaming activity could not be observed due to thick clouds covering the summit. Ground deformation data from continuous GPS measurements as of 1 August 2016 indicated slight inflation of the Kanlaon edifice since December 2015.



 Alert Level 1 status remains in effect over Kanlaon Volcano, which means that it is currently in a state of unrest probably driven by hydrothermal processes that could generate more minor eruptions. The local government units and the public are reminded that entry into the 4-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited due to the further possibilities of sudden and hazardous steam-driven or minor ash eruptions. Civil aviation authorities must also advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano’s summit as airborne ash from a sudden eruption can be hazardous to aircraft. DOST-PHIVOLCS is closely monitoring Kanlaon Volcano’s activity and any new development will be relayed to all concerned.



Fuego , Guatemala :

Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Wind: East 5 kmh
Precipitation: 0.0mm.


An outgassing of low fumaroles white to a height of approximately 4,300 meters (14,110 fts) that spreads to the West and Southwest, is registred. 14 explosions, nine moderate and 5 low which emitted columns of gray ash to a height of about 4,400-4,700msnm (14.435 to 15.420 ft), which are spread over 10 to 12 km to the West and South West were noted. These explosions have generated low rumblings. Incandescent pulse have been raised 100 -150 m, with low to moderate avalanches of incandescent blocks on the edge of the crater.
The product of the explosions generated falls of fine ash particles in the villages of Morelia, Hagia Sophia, Panimache I and II, Sangre de Cristo, El Porvenir and Los Yucales.

Source : Insivumeh


Cerro Machin , Colombia :

Subject: Activity Bulletin of the Cerro Machin volcano.

The level of activity continues at:
Activity level Yellow or (III): changes in the behavior of volcanic activity.

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the Cerro Machin volcano, the Colombian Geological Service reports that:


cerro machin

During the past week, the volcano Cerro Machin has recorded a little seismic activity, which was characterized by low energy. This seismic activity has been associated with rock fracturing in the volcanic structure. The seismic events were located in the southeast of the volcanic structure and the main dome, at depths ranging between 2.6 and 14.3 km. The earthquake of greater magnitude during the week was registered on August 11 at 21:55 (local time), with a magnitude of 1.5 ML (local Magnitude) under the main dome, 7 8 km deep. The other monitored parameters remain without any significant change.

The Colombian Geological Service closely follows the evolution of the volcanic phenomenon and will continue to report timely to the changes that may occur.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "photo volcan cerro machin"

The small Cerro Machín stratovolcano lies at the southern end of the Ruiz-Tolima massif about 20 km WNW of the city of Ibagué. A 3-km-wide caldera is breached to the south and contains three forested dacitic lava domes. Voluminous pyroclastic flows traveled up to 40 km away during eruptions in the mid-to-late Holocene, perhaps associated with formation of the caldera. Late-Holocene eruptions produced dacitic block-and-ash flows that traveled through the breach in the caldera rim to the west and south. The latest known eruption of took place about 800 years ago.

Source : SGC, GVP .

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