June 20 , 2016. EN. Chapparastique , Bulusan , Santiaguito , Popocatepetl .

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June 20 , 2016. EN. Chapparastique , Bulusan , Santiaguito , Popocatepetl .

June 20 , 2016.



Expo over , 250 people in one day, not bad for a small country. And finally opportunities for the blog …


Chapparastique , El Salvador :

The volcano Chaparrastique continues its degassing.

The images captured by the surveillance camera located on the Cerro El Pacayal show that the volcano has a strong degassing of its crater. The fumes are carried by the prevailing winds in the region, which at present are directed to the southwest of the cone. A sulfur odor was reported by the network of local observers on the west and southwest flank. (Figure 1)


Figure 1: Image showing  the crater of Chaparrastique degassing in the past 24 hours. The measurement of seismic amplitude recorded at the seismic station VSM located at 1700 m on the northern flank of the volcano has fluctuated between 170 and 274 RSAM units on average, with an average of 214 (Figure 2)

Figure 2. Behaviour of seismic tremor of the volcano from May 2016  .

Saturday, June 18, the measurement of sulfur dioxide in situ on the road line in the municipality of San Jorge was performed. Analysis of the extrapolated data obtained reflects a greater throughput to 1700 tons / day of sulfur dioxide.

This type of activity can continue, it is recommended not to be at the top of the cone because of the danger from falling material ejected by an explosion and also because respiratory hazard due to high concentrations of magmatic gases in the crater area. MARN continues to monitor, maintain close communication with the General Directorate of Civil Protection and local observers. MARN invites journalists and people not to approach the summit of the volcano, because of the degree of danger that this represents.

Source : Marn

Photo : Lucinda Quintanilla.


Bulusan , Philippines :


At 1:03 PM yesterday, Bulusan Volcano (12.7667°N, 124.0500°E) generated a steam-driven explosion that produced approximately 300 meter-high dirty white ash plume that drifted towards the northwest. The explosion event lasted for approximately 7 minutes based on the seismic record.

In the past 24 hours, Bulusan Volcano’s seismic monitoring network recorded three (3) volcanic earthquakes including the explosion-type earthquake yesterday. Weak emission of white steam plume that rose up to 250 meters and drifted towards north-northwest was observed. Precise leveling survey results from April 27 to May 5, 2016 indicated slight deflationary changes of the edifice relative to February 2016. However, the ground deformation measurements from continuous GPS data as of 2 June 2016 indicated slight inflation of the edifice since May 2016.



Alert Level 1 (abnormal) remains in effect over Bulusan Volcano. This indicates that hydrothermal processes are ongoing beneath the volcano that may lead to more steam-driven eruptions. The local government units and the public are reminded that entry to the 4-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited due to the possibility of sudden and hazardous steam-driven or phreatic eruptions.

Source : Phivolcs

Photo :  atlasinfo


Santiaguito , Guatemala :

Volcanological Special Bulletin.

Activity type Peléenne
Morphology : Complex dacitic domes
Geographical location: 14 ° 44’33 « N Latitude 91 ° 34’13«  W longitude
Height: 2500m.


The activity has persisted on the Santiaguito volcano during these months, which involved generating a strong explosions with ashfall, continuous shock waves, has today at 5:12 generated strong explosion, accompanied by pyroclastic flows. The ash column reached 5,000 meters, moving to the South, Southwest and West, for distances between 40 and 50 km, with the probability of fine ash are transported further.
Was observed falling ballistic objects from the ash column on the domes.
The ash column moves to the villages of San Marcos and Loma Linda, Palajunoj Finca El Faro, Patzulin El Patrocinio, the cities of El Palmar, San Felipe, Las Marias and others in this area.

With a probability of ash fall on Mazatenango and its municipalities.
As previously reported, this period of explosive activity of the Santiaguito volcano, is one of the most violent in recent years, expelling ballistic materials of different sizes at a distance of 2 to 3 km.
There is the possibility of generating more violent eruptions, or greater than that of May 9, 2014.



Therefore, the INSIVUMEH recommends:

A CONRED, noting that the activity of the Santiaguito volcano remains at a high level with the possibility of similar or stronger eruption . It is therefore necessary to take precautions deemed necessary and maintain alertness.
At the Ministry of Health, noted that Loma Linda and San Marcos Palajujoj villages are the most affected by ash falls constantly, which can cause respiratory problems, stomach and affect the view of the people.
At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, to take precautions with air traffic, as there is ash in the atmosphere at a distance of 40 kilometers to the west, south, southwest of the perimeter of the volcano at an altitude of 5000 m (16404.2 feet) with the potential to be transported further.
Note also that there are changes in the wind direction during the day.


Source : Insivumeh.

Photos : Denis Hernandes , Archives.


Popocatepetl , Mexico :

June 19 11:00 h (June 19 16:00 GMT)

In the last 24 hours the seismic records of the surveillance system at Popocatépetl volcano record 315 low-intensity exhalations and three explosions at 03h38 h , 08h41 .and 08h53   and a seismic volcanotectonic yesterday at 17h48   was recorded with Mc. 1.5; additionally was recorded 30 minutes of harmonic tremor.



The cloudy conditions not allow observing the volcano continuously, but we observed a weak emission of steam and gas that winds carried west .
From dawn and up to the time of this report it has been noticed that winds blow about west .

CENAPRED emphasizes that people SHOULD NOT go near the volcano, especially near the crater, due to the hazard caused by ballistic fragments .

This type of activity is included within the scenarios Volcanic Traffic Light Yellow Phase 2.


Source : Popocatepetl .

Photo : Manuel Flores Aguilar

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