June 15 , 2016. EN. Santiaguito , Cerro Machin , Kuchinoerabujima , San Cristobal .

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June 15 , 2016. EN. Santiaguito , Cerro Machin , Kuchinoerabujima , San Cristobal .

June 15 , 2016.



Santiaguito , Guatemala :

Guatemala June 13, 2016, 15h 00 local time

Volcanological Special Bulletin: Strong Lahar in rivers Cabello de Angel  and Nima 1

Activity type : Peléenne
Morphology : dacitic dome complex.
Geographical location: 14 ° 44 ‘33 « N latitude, 91 ° 34’13 » W longitude
Height: 2500m.



Heavy rains at the top of Santiaguito volcano generated strong lahars, in the bed of the Nima I River, a tributary of the Samala river, with plenty of pasty fine material, hot, with blocks of 50 to 70 cms, trunks and tree branches, a mudslide with a width of 30 meters. Lahars are part of the activity of the Santiaguito volcano due to the amount of rain in the volcanic area, which drags the volcanic material from past eruptions and daily activity. So they continue to be generated during the rainy season.
Therefore, the INSIVUMEH recommends:

A CONRED, mainly to take precautions to bridge Castillo Armas.


Source : Insivumeh


Cerro Machin , Colombia :

Special Activity Bulletin , Cerro Machin volcano 13 June 2016.
Subject: Activity Bulletin of Cerro Machin volcano. The level of activity Yellow or (III) remains: changes in the behavior of volcanic activity.

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the Cerro Machin volcano, the Geologico Servicio Colombiano reports:

June 13, 2016 at 8:53 p.m. (local time), a volcano-tectonic earthquake, combined with the fracturing of the rock beneath the volcano has been registered, with a maximum magnitude of 2.2 ML (Magnitude Locale), located 6.7 km to the southwest of the main dome at a depth of 3.9 km. This event was reported as felt by the inhabitants of the area of influence of the volcano, as well as in the city of Cajamarca.


cerro machin

Location obtained:
Latitude: 4 ° 25.88 ‘N
Longitude: 75 ° 24.59 ‘W
Depth: 3.9 km
Magnitude: 2.2 ML

It is recommended that the community continues to monitor changes occurring on the volcano.


Source : SGC

Photo : Nestoriman


Kuchinoerabujima , Japan :

Volcanic alert level eased for remote Kagoshima isle but ash could still spew

The weather agency lowered on Tuesday the volcanic alert level for a remote island in Kagoshima Prefecture following diminished volcanic activities.
Citing a decreasing number of volcanic earthquakes, the Meteorological Agency lowered the alert level for Kuchinoerabu Island, about 1,000 km southwest of Tokyo, to 3, a level that warns against approaching the volcano, from the highest level of 5, which orders residents to evacuate.


Kuchinoerabu-jima – Crater on 06/08/2014 during an aerial inspection by the Japan Coast Guard

The eruption of the 626-meter Mount Shindake on May 29 last year forced all 118 residents to evacuate the island to nearby Yakushima Island.
But the agency said it could not rule out the possibility of small-scale eruptions that could spew ash deposits within a 2-km radius of the crater.

The mountain had not erupted since June 19 last year. Many residents have returned home since the local government lifted an evacuation order for most of the island last December.





San Cristobal , Nicaragua :

The San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua is exposed to landslides from quake aftershocks

Nicaragua’s highest volcano could suffer landslides caused by aftershocks from the earthquake of magnitude 6.3 that struck on Thursday, reported an official source.
« The strong earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 Richter upward, can cause landslides, » said the scientific advisor to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) Wilfried Strauch, at a press conference.
The risk of collapse due to aftershocks, now totaling more than 2,000, from the volcano, whose slopes are saturated with water due to heavy rains, according to INETER.

san cristobal

At 1,745 meters high, the San Cristobal is the highest volcano in Nicaragua, and is located in a « volcanic park » that includes Casitas, which suffered a landslide that killed at least 2,000 people in 1998.
The San Cristobal belongs to the volcanic mountains of Nicaragua, which has at least seven active and 13 volcanoes under constant surveillance. The authorities did not disclose the number of people living at risk of collapse of the volcano.

Some 37,000 people have psychological effects, such as fear and anxiety, because more than 2,000 aftershocks generated by the earthquake, according to the Government of Nicaragua. The quake caused no casualties, property damage although the authorities have not been fully quantified.


Source :  EFE VERDE

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