Expo « From Flour and Fire » of the Chaudron de Vulcain.

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Expo « From Flour and Fire » of the Chaudron de Vulcain.

Day of little patrimony and Moulins:

 affiche retrecie

The Association of the Mills of the Loire (Loire ASM) will open the mill of Lespinasse for the visit Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June .


The theme of the visit will focus on water, flour and fire with two simultaneous exposures, one about volcanoes, which will be held in the room of the Mill, and the other on the canal from Roanne to Digoin, on the second floor of the mill. A magical journey through time and space.

In the magic of the rooms of the Moulin, George VITTON (le Chaudron de Vulcain http://lechaudrondevulcain.com) your humble servant passionate about volcanoes, will present photos on this explosive power, that he reported from these trips in the whole world.

Contact information :
Georges Vitton: krakatau@live.fr, 06 74 29 50 23

  Place of visit:
– Moulin de l’Espinasse (The mill of Espinasse is located on the D18, 2 km from St Germain Lespinasse in the direction of the forest of Lespinasse, at a place called Lespinasse, at the bridge on Teyssonne)

The visit is free.

Days and hours:
Saturday, June 18, 2016 14.30 – 18h
Sunday, June 19, 2016 10h – 12h & 14h30 – 18h

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