April 23 , 2016. EN. Who writes the  » Chaudron de Vulcain » ?

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April 23 , 2016. EN. Who writes the  » Chaudron de Vulcain » ?

April 23 , 2016.


 Who writes the  » Chaudron de Vulcain » ?

You ask you (hope for me) the question, but who is this guy quite cracked to spend time talking about volcanoes without interest anyone?

Your servant has traveled on a few volcanoes in the world (54 to date). This is one of my passions, which is made late.

After a fabulous experience on Krakatau erupting with THE « guru » of a generation of volcanophiles, Mr Guy de Saint Cyr, I fluttered from mountains who smoke to erupting volcanoes, always with happiness, always with great ‘humility.


Some exemples :

Descent into the crater of Bembow ( Ambrym island)                                                                                     Dallol , Ethiopia.

photos 003[1]

Vanuatu 2011s 074









                                                                                  On a lava flow , Hawai




                       On a lava flow of Tolbachik


Lava tube on Mutnovsky










Photos of sulfur needles on Vulcano

On the Marum, with the only dog volcanologist I know .

IMG_20140511_180336Vanuatu 2011_0138




Voili voilou, volcanophile, yes, but I am unable to explain the fractional crystallization of a magma chamber, as does so well my friend Jacques Marie Bardintzeff. However, those that I take, sometimes, retain everything, and have their eyes that shine

Next destination: Sicily (again, yes but I like this Sicily, land blessed by the gods), and Costa Rica, and then …. and then …

Georges Vitton


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  • Bill Beach


    Let me express my appreciation for your time and writings. I am in the world of finance and your blog is usually the first thing I read everyday. I am just a guy who is moved by the sheer power of the earth. I have visited several active volcanoes and a few dormant ones too. If you weren’t writing this I would be much less informed about our world. So thank you from the most sincere part of my heart.


    Bill Beach

    • ADMIN

      hello bill.
      What can I say other in return except that it’s for your messages as I work. Thank you for reading me.
      Georges Vitton

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