April 20 , 2016. EN. Nevados de Chillan , Masaya , Copahue , Yellowstone .

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April 20 , 2016. EN. Nevados de Chillan , Masaya , Copahue , Yellowstone .

April 20 , 2016.


Nevados de Chillan, Chile :

Special volcanic activity report (REAV), Bio Bio region March 18, 2016 1:50 p.m. HL.

The National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) through the Volcanological Observatory of Southern Andes (OVDAS), reports that:
Friday, March 18, 2016, from 8:44 local time (11:44 GMT), there was a change in seismic activity of volcanic Complex of Nevados de Chillan , represented by the appearance of an episode of long-period seismicity ( signals associated with the movement of fluids in the volcanic system), repetitive, with an occurrence rate of 3 to 4-event per minute, low energy (DRC> 1cm2) but significant from a qualitative point of view, because it suggests an increased activity of a shallow magmatic system.


nevados de chillan

In this scenario, it increases the possibility of occurrence of explosions and / or phreatic and /or phreatomagmatic eruptions , with an higher intensity than those that occurred previously. Therefore, it is important to consider as high risk volcanic zone , the area defined at 2 km of newly active craters and restrict it’s access completely.
The level of technical volcanic alert remains at yellow level, with particular attention to its evolution.
SERNAGEOMIN -OVDAS continuous online monitoring and report timely to the changes in volcanic activity in the region.

Source : Sernageomin.


Masaya , Nicaragua :

The Masaya Volcano National Park remains closed following the alert published Tuesday by the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER).
According to information provided by Rosario Murillo, council coordinator of Communication and Citizenship, the INETER warned against « greater instability of southern  and south-eastern slopes of the crater Santiago, representing opportunities for collapse « .


« It is recommended to keep closed the Masaya Volcano National Park to protect visitors, » said Murillo.
Masaya Volcano is one of the most visited in Nicaragua, because you can easily reach the crater. In recent months, he has seen an increase in its activity so that the authorities closed excursions to tourists.

Source : Ineter , elnuevodiario.com.

Photo : Norman Angus Godfrey


Copahue , Chile :

The level of activity of the volcano is at: YELLOW; changes in the behavior of volcanic activity likely time for an eruption weeks / months.
Based on the analysis of information obtained by monitoring equipment and the observation of the volcano, the National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) – Volcanológico Observatorio de Los Andes del Sur (OVDAS) announces:

During this period, sixty-two (62) seismic events were recorded, thirty-three (33) were classified as volcano-tectonic (VT) associated with rigid materials fracturing processes.
Similarly, twenty-nine (29) were recorded as events associated with the fluid dynamics inside the volcano and were identified as volcanic earthquakes long period (LP) and very long period (VLP).

Concerning the seismic activity , the local magnitudes (ML) do not exceed M 2.2 . The higher energy event was located on the North-East side (ENE) at 12.4 km of the crater El Agrio, at a depth of 8.4 km.
Concerning the events related to fluid dynamics (LP), they presented local magnitudes (ML) below M1,9 and a reduced displacement value (DRC) below 7,7cm2. VLPs events presented local magnitudes (ML) below M1,5 and reduced displacement value (DRC) of less than 10.4 cm2. These events are located around the crater.

Throughout the month, there was a constant tremor signal, primarily associated with the release of particulate matter (gas and ash) of El Agrio crater, recording DRC oscillating values ​​generally below 3cm2, values ​​considered as intermediate for this volcano. The dominant frequencies are concentrated in a bandwidth  between 1 and 2 Hz.

From the data obtained from five (5) GNSS stations, which seek to measure the deformation of the surface of the volcano, it was observed that the horizontal and vertical components showed variations in a small scale, with a tendency to hold rates previously reported. The highest rate of change of the vertical components is at 0.2cm / month, recorded at the nearest station of the crater. Compared to the line that crosses the volcano, it was observed that this low value showed no changes, remaining stable over the period.

The sulfur dioxide emissions (SO2) recorded on the Copahue volcano by the team DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometry) Triplets Station, located 5 km to the eastnortheast (ENE) of the active crater has a mean value of 921 ± 37 t / day and a maximum of 2 323 t / day, April 4. IP cameras installed near the volcano recorded the constant emission of material from the active crater (El Agrio), accompanied by incandescence. These emission present mostly, a gray color, showing the presence of particulate matter.

Although a downward trend of seismic energy is recorded by the volcano monitoring indicators described above, they indicate the continuation of the activity associated with the interaction of a magma body of small volume, at more or less deep levels under the volcano and the volcanic hydrothermal system  , without unbalancing the system, keeping it in what is called a « meta-stable » balance. This activity may continue for a long period with an oscillating manner, without excluding specific increases related to small phreatic explosions and / or low strombolian activity in the crater area. Therefore, the limitation of access to the proximal zone of a radius of 1.5 km around the crater El Agrio is recommended. The level of technical alert level remains at Yellow.
SERNAGEOMIN -OVDAS continues to be alert, and report timely to the changes in the activity that may occur.




Yellowstone , United – States :

In response to some press reports, here’s a clarification. The only reliable data are those from the volcano observatories. For the United States, you can visit:

The USGS site of AVO: Alaska Volcano Observatory (Cleveland Volcano, Shishaldin, etc ..)
The site of the USGS HVO : Hawaian Volcano Observatory (volcanoes Kilauea, Mauna Loa, etc …)
The site of the USGS CVO Cascades Range Observatory (St Helens Volcano, Mount Baker, etc …)
The site of the USGS Calvo: California Volcano Observatory (Volcano Mount Shasta, Medicine Lake Volcano, etc)
The site of the USGS NMI: Northern Mariana Islands (Volcano Agrigan, Pagan, etc …)

The info below is the current activity of Yellowstone  . Point. Please … NO more super eruption (super scam) and no more « Ring of Fire » which means nothing.



44°25’48 » N 110°40’12 » W,
Summit Elevation 9203 ft (2805 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: NORMAL
Current Aviation Color Code: GREEN

During March 2016, the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, responsible for the operation and analysis of the Yellowstone Seismic Network, reports 49 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone National Park (YNP) region. The largest event was a micro earthquake of magnitude 2.3 on March 26, 02:28 AM MDT, located 9 miles northeast of Norris Geyser Basin, YNP.
March 2016 seismicity did not include any earthquake swarms. Yellowstone earthquake activity in March is at low background levels.

Ground deformation

GPS stations in Yellowstone continue to show little or no ground movement.

http://www.unavco.org/instrumentation/networks/status/pbo/data/WLWY (click on Static Plots / Time Series)

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO) provides long-term monitoring of volcanic and earthquake activity in the Yellowstone National Park region. Yellowstone is the site of the largest and most diverse collection of natural thermal features in the world and the first National Park. YVO is one of the five USGS Volcano Observatories that monitor volcanoes within the United States for science and public safety.


Source : USGS

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