April 13 , 2016. EN. Nevado Del Ruiz , Soputan , Momotombo , Masaya , Telica , Zhupanovsky .

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April 13 , 2016. EN. Nevado Del Ruiz , Soputan , Momotombo , Masaya , Telica , Zhupanovsky .

April 13 , 2016.


Nevado Del Ruiz , Colombia :

Extraordinary bulletin of  activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, April 8, 2016.
The level of activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano remains at: level Yellow or (III: changes in the behavior of volcanic activity.

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the Colombian Geological Service reports that:

During the day of April 8, 2016 at 5h33 (local time), a volcano-tectonic earthquake, combined with the fracturing of rocks within the volcano, with a magnitude of 3.0 ML, located North of the edifice volcanic was recorded at a depth of 7.2 km. This event was reported as felt by the inhabitants of the area of influence of the volcano .


The event’s location is:

Latitude:57’70  » N
Longitude: 75˚20’03 « W
Depth: 7.2 km
Magnitude: 3.0 ML
It is recommended that communities continue to monitor any changes that may occur in the activity of the volcano.
The Colombian Geological Survey follows closely the evolution of the volcanic phenomenon and will continue to report timely to the changes that may occur.

Source : SGC.


Soputan , Indonésia :

Evaluation :
Based on visual observations, the Soputan volcano was usually clearly visible. The main crater was observed with smoke emissions, white, thin, moderate, rising by about 20 to 100 meters, bowing to the east. Wind calm to moderate towards the northwest. Temperatures of 20.5 ° to 36 ° C.
The seismic data from April 4 to on April 11, 2016 have been dominated by the earthquake of avalanche and swarms. Tremor volcanic earthquake (VA) and shallow volcanic (VB) were recorded on 6, 9 and 10 April 2016 with not excessive number (maximum 1 per day).
The distant tectonic earthquakes have been recorded many times. The intensity of the earthquake of avalanches compared to the previous week began to decline, it shows that the supply of magma from the interior to the surface began to decrease. Every day the tremor data and RSAM showed no decrease in seismic activity from April 4 to April 11 2016.





Based on visual observations and seismicity, and the potential threat of eruption of the Soputan, dated on April 11, 2016 at 18:00, the activity level of the Soputan is at LEVEL III (SIAGA). Intensive monitoring is ongoing to assess the activity of G. Soputan well as to provide information on the danger of the eruption of Mount Soputan. If changes significant in decrease /  increased of the volcanic activity of Soputan, activity levels can be lowered / raised in accordance with the level of activity and threats.


Source : VSI.

Photo : Photovolcanica


Momotombo , Masaya , Telica , Nicaragua :

Momotombo volcano.
During the weekend, no explosion has been recorded on the volcano. A background microseismicity persists, suggesting that small gas and ash explosions may occur at any time.
As for its seismic activity, an earthquake measuring 1.7 million was recorded in the North West of Momotombo.
Seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is at a low level, less than 90 units.

From this morning, specialists from Ineter and experts from the University of South Florida, are going to continue the study of this volcano, conduct field work an observation, measurement of gas and analysis of the volcanic material deposited on the slopes of Momotombo.
They also work to make a three-dimensional model of the volcano, which will be essential to evaluate the different volcanic hazards of Momotombo with great precision.


Masaya volcano.



The Santiago crater lava lake maintains its strong mix with low emissions. He continues to record a high volcanic tremor.
Seismic amplitude in real time shows moderate to strong values between 300 and 1100 units.
As for its seismic activity, an earthquake measuring M 2.4   was recorded in the southeast of the caldera of Masaya.

 Telica volcano.
The Telica volcano remains with a high micro-seismicity and low outgassing
Lava is continuously observed in the crater.

Seismic amplitude in real time has low values, below 80 units.
At 1:41 p.m. yesterday, an earthquake measuring M 1.8 was recorded in the north of Telica volcano without causing changes in volcanic activity.

Source : Ineter .

Photos : Ineter , Juan David Granda , Red sismologique Nicaragua


Zhupanovsky , Kamchatka :

53.59 N, 159.15 E;
Elevation 9702 ft (2958 m)
Aviation Color Code is YELLOW
Zhupanovsky volcano was quiet after the explosions on 24 March, 2016. Satellite data by KVERT showed a very weak thermal anomaly over the volcano on 01 and 10 April, the volcano was quiet or obscured by clouds in the other days. KVERT continues to monitor Zhupanovsky volcano.



Moderate fumarole activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700-26,240 ft (6-8 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.

Source : Kvert.

Photo : A. Sokorenko, IVS FEB RAS

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