April 12 , 2016. EN. Villarica , Popocatepetl , Fuego , Santiaguito .

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April 12 , 2016. EN. Villarica , Popocatepetl , Fuego , Santiaguito .

April 12 , 2016.



Villarica , Chile :

Hundreds of photographs were published on social networks, from the Villarrica volcano with intense fumarole from the crater of this volcano in the Andes.
It should be noted that the SERNAGEOMIN has not issued additional reports regarding the activity of the volcano, on an increase in activity.
The Villarrica volcano remains under yellow alert since 3 April, when the technical body detected seismic activity associated with records and lava movements inside the crater.


The National Service of Geology -Sernageomin by the volcano monitoring network of Chile had declared a yellow alert on the Villarrica volcano, after an increase in seismicity Tremor type was recorded, associated with magma movement in the volcanic conduit and surface explosions, and had also increased the access restriction within 500 meters to 1 km from the crater.
Through a special report of volcanic activity, the institution stated that « the monitoring stations recorded an increase of the energy of the seismic signal of volcanic tremor, which, in the case of Villarrica is closely linked to the dynamics of a lava lake , which reached maximum values of reduced displacement of 20 cm2 and seismic amplitudes of 12 microns / sec,  values considered as moderate for this volcano. In addition, through the web cameras installed around the volcano, there was an increase in surface activity, represented by the observation of incandescent and Strombolian explosions (projection of particles of various sizes) from the crater « .

This Sunday, the Villarrica volcano  present an intense fumarole, a fact that was saved by social network users. Despite this, the SERNAGEOMIN has not made any changes to yellow alert in place.

Sources : redinformativa.cl , Publimetro.

Photos : Lago Villarica , volcan Villarica .


Popocatepetl , Mexico :

April 11 11:00 h (April 11 16:00 GMT)

In the last 24 hours the seismic records of the surveillance system at Popocatépetl volcano registered on the one hand 163 low-intensity exhalations, which produced small emissions of gas and steam . The cloudy conditions not allow observing continuously a weak emission of steam and gas that winds carried northeasterly.


Along some lapses of the night was observed slight incandescence, increasing with main exhalations .

From dawn and up to the time of this report it has been noticed a faint but not stopping emission of steam and gas that winds blow about northeast ).
Other monitoring parameters remain unchanged.

CENAPRED emphasizes that people SHOULD NOT go near the volcano, especially near the crater, due to the hazard caused by ballistic fragments .
This type of activity is included within the scenarios Volcanic Traffic Light Yellow Phase 2.


Source : Cenapred .

Photo : Erik Gómez Tochimani .


Fuego , Guatemala :

High activity of the Fuego volcano.

Type: Vulcanian
Morphology : composite Stratovolcano
Geographical location: 14 ° 28 ‘54 « North Latitude, 90 ° 52′ 54 » West Longitude.
Height: 3,763m.



As indicated in the daily bulletins, the activity of the Fuego volcano continues, generating moderate to heavy explosions ejecting ash columns rising from 4600-4800 meters to the west and the southwestover a distance of 15 kilometers.
These explosions generate strong rumbling sound, heard on over 30 kilometers, accompanied by shock waves which vibrate the roofs and windows of houses in the villages and hamlets within 15 kilometers from the volcanic area.
This activity of the Fuego volcano is high and alarm the population near the volcano rumbling sounds are reported in Santa Lucia Cotz, Yepocapa and other cities the department of Chimaltenango.


Ash falls were observed in the villages of Morelia, Panimache I and II, Sangre de Cristo, Yepocapa and others. Seismic activity recorded by FG3 stations shows that events like explosions and tremors (internal vibration) associated with the rise of magma are high. There is a probability of generating the sixth  strong eruption of the year  in the coming days or weeks.

The INSIVUMEH recommends:
At the  CONRED:
Being aware of changes in the activity of the Fuego volcano.
At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation:
It is recommended to take precautions with the air traffic in the area of the Fuego volcano because the ashes are scattered along 15 km on the western and southwestern slopes of volcanic complex

Source : Insivumeh.

Photo : David Rojas.


Santiaguito , Guatemala :

Santiaguito volcano  recorded eruptions with pyroclastic flows.

Santiaguito volcano recorded at 07.30 on Monday, April 11 an explosion that generated a strong column of ash that rose to 4500 meters above the level of the sea. The explosion also generated pyroclastic flows which descended on the volcano slopes as indicated in the special bulletin volcanology BEVST # 55-2016 of the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology -INSIVUMEH-.

According to information from the INSIVUMEH, Santiaguito volcano maintains high activity phase has been observed in recent weeks, and generating fine particles falls in the surrounding communities. The explosion this morning caused ash falls in the villages of Monte Bello and Loma Lina, San Marcos Palajunoj and other communities nearby.



According to information from the scientific body of the National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction-Conrad, it is stated that the Santiaguito volcano is in eruption phase so that similar events may be generated in the coming hours or days ahead . It is recommended not to stay near the volcanic complex because it can generate pyroclastic flows reaching populations.

At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation -DGAC-, it is advisable to take precautions with air navigation, as this type of ash generated by the Santiaguito volcano move to the West, Southwest and Northwest at a height of 4500 meters above sea level with possibility to be transported over distances of 50 kilometers.


Source : Conred .

Photo : Felix Von Aulock

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