February 01 , 2016. EN. Nevados de Chillan , Bromo , Mawson Peak , Karymsky .

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February 01 , 2016. EN. Nevados de Chillan , Bromo , Mawson Peak , Karymsky .

February 01 , 2016.


Nevados de Chillan, Chili :

The National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) Observatorio volcanologico de los Andes del Sur  (OVDAS) announces that Saturday, January 30, an overview of the Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex, with the support of ONEMI, in order to evaluate the the volcanic complex surface activity.
In the overview it was found that the result of successive phreatic explosions, recorded in recent days has been the formation of a new crater. It is located about 50 m from the crater of the volcano Arrau on the slopes North – East of the latter center.

The new crater has a diameter of 25-30 m and is at a similar level to that formed on January 8, but active at this stage.
Also, various points of emissions were identified, primarily located on the east side of the crater Arrau, the center of the emissions formed on January 8 and the newly formed crater.
Ash emissions have continued sporadically since the active craters, usually as phreatic explosions that emitted gases, ash and larger blocks ejected in the environment and sometimes sliding on the slope. In addition, the thermal images obtained recorded a maximum temperature of 125 ° C, indicating the activity of deep hydrothermal system, even without the presence at the surface of magmatic phase of high temperature.
This confirms that the hydrothermal system destabilization process continues to evolve, due to the transfer of heat from a magma body underlying phreatic explosions generating low energy, which expelled the materials   newly formed of the craters.


nevados de chillan

In this scenario, the occurrence of phreatic explosions of equal or greater magnitude and / or phreatomagmatic eruptions, is possible, and, at a later stage, could represent an area of greatest impact.
Therefore, is considered high risk area in the current situation, the area included within a 2 km radius around active craters and it is recommended to restrict its access.
The level of technical volcanic alert level remains at yellow, with particular emphasis on its evolution.
The SERNAGEOMIN -OVDAS continuous online monitoring and report in due course on any change in volcanic activity in the region.



Bromo, Indonesie :

During the period from January 14 to 22, 2016 earthquake events recorded were type earthquake volcanic (VA), earthquakes volcanics shallow (VB) local tectonic types (TL) and distant tectonic (TJ) and the domination of a constant tremor in a range of maximum amplitude of 2 to 36 mm.
The seismic amplitude measurements in real time (RSAM) to the date of January 22, 2016 showed energy fluctuations.



Visually, the activity of Bromo often found herself enveloped in fog. White to brownish / gray smoke emissions  with a thick and tall column was observed up to 1800 meters from the summit.
Records of  seismic tremor   have been dominated by constant fluctuations with a maximum amplitude in the range of 2 to 32 mm, with a dominant at 5 mm. The earthquake eruption are increasing, while the volcanic earthquakes shallow (VB), Volcanic (VA), local tectonics (TL), and distant tectonic (TJ) were recorded but their number has not significant.
Potential hazards:
The potential occurrence of sudden phreatic and magmatic eruptions  , ejected volcanic materials as heavy ash fall and incandescent stone throwing began around the crater within a radius of 2.5 km around the center of the eruption.

Seismic activity is dominated by the constant vibration of the tremor, with a maximum amplitude which tends to fluctuate.
Phreatics and magmatics eruptions are threatening in the form of bursts of ash and incandescent matter that can happen to a radius of 2.5 km.
Based on visual observation data, analysis of seismic data, and the potential danger of explosion, as of January 22, 2016, the level of activity of G. Bromo is maintained at level III (Siaga ).

The activity level of the Bromo will be raised / lowered if an increase / decrease in activity occurs. This one is intensively monitored by volcanic experts from the Volcanology and Geological Center for risk reduction.


Source : VSI

Photo : Mentorgraphy


Mawson Peak , Heard Island , Australie :

30 JANUARY 2016. Scientists on board the CSIRO’s research ship the Investigator have taken rare pictures of an eruption of the remote Big Ben volcano. Big Ben on the sub-Antarctic Heard Island is the highest mountain on Australian territory. The neighbouring McDonald Islands are also home to an active volcano.


big ben

The voyage’s Chief Scientist, Professor Mike Coffin from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, said the eruption came as a surprise. « Seeing vapour emanating from both of Australia’s active volcanoes and witnessing an eruption on Mawson Peak have been an amazing coda to this week’s submarine research, » he said.
« We have 10 excited geoscientists aboard Investigator, and our enthusiasm has spread to our 50 shipmates. » Jodi Fox from the University of Tasmania who is also onboard, is doing a PhD on Heard Island volcanism. « To see lava emanating from Mawson Peak and flowing down the flank of Big Ben over a glacier has been incredible, » she said.
The remote Australian Territory of Heard and McDonald Islands is 4,100 kilometres south west of Perth and 1,750 kilometres north of Australia’s Antarctic base at Davis Station. Scientists on the voyage are studying the link between active volcanoes on the seafloor and the mobilisation of iron, which supports life in the Southern Ocean.
Their findings will become part of a greater understanding of the Earth’s climate system and climate change.


big ben

Heard Island on the Kerguelen Plateau in the southern Indian Ocean consists primarily of the emergent portion of two volcanic structures. The large glacier-covered composite basaltic-to-trachytic cone of Big Ben comprises most of the island, and the smaller Mt. Dixon volcano lies at the NW tip of the island across a narrow isthmus. Little is known about the structure of Big Ben volcano because of its extensive ice cover. The historically active Mawson Peak forms the island’s 2745-m high point and lies within a 5-6 km wide caldera breached to the SW side of Big Ben. Small satellitic scoria cones are mostly located on the northern coast. Several subglacial eruptions have been reported in historical time at this isolated volcano, but observations are infrequent and additional activity may have occurred.

Source : ABC, GVP.

Photos : Pete Harmsen


Karymsky , Kamchatka :

Karymsky volcano of Russian Kamchatka’s eastern volcanic zone has spewed ash at up to 3,000 meters, the press service of regional emergencies ministry said on Monday.
An « orange » code of warning for aviation has been issued, Russia’s (TASS) News Agency reported.
Ash emissions were registered at Karymsky volcano by satellites of Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT). The height of the ash cloud is up to 3,000 meters.
The height of the volcano is 1,486 meters, » the press service said.




According to the press service, the ash cloud moved to the south of the volcano by 110 kilometers toward Avacha Bay. Karymsky is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka.
The volcano that belongs to the central part of the Eastern volcanic belt of Kamchatka is located 30 kilometers from the Pacific coast and 125 kilometers from
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. There are no settlements in close proximity to the volcano. The volcano has been active since January 1996.


Source :  thepeninsulaqatar.com


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