January 24 , 2016. EN. Copahue , Colima , Masaya , Popocatepetl.

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January 24 , 2016. EN. Copahue , Colima , Masaya , Popocatepetl.

January 24 , 2016.


Copahue , Chile / Argentina :

Volcan Copahue: Controversy?

The mayor of the city of Caviahue denied rumors about an eruption of Copahue volcano and said that the situation in the cities of Caviahue and Copahue is « quite normal« .
Given the rumors that warn against the presence of « ash«  from the Copahue volcano, the mayor of Caviahue, Oscar Mansegosa states that « all activities are conducted on a regular basis, we have a bit of suspended ash as usual « .


La última vez que el volcán entró en erupción fue en mayo del 2013.  Foto: Archivo
« There is no reason to alert people, we are in full season and the situation is calm. The thermal baths are open in Copahue and all daily activities in Caviahue are proceeding normally, » said the village head. However, the mayor said that « we maintain the yellow alert in connection with the Chilean authorities because we believe it is right to have a surveillance; a change would involve raising the alert level to red and it would generate an immediate evacuation, which in any case is envisaged, « said Mansegosa.

In addition, the Undersecretary of Civil Defence and Civil Protection, Vanina Merlo said: « The current situation of Copahue volcano in yellow alert means that you must be careful and keep an eye on how it operates. What has been done in the media today, and is part of the behavior of the volcano Copahue for some time « he has said.

In terms of activity, Merlo explained that « emissions vary with clouds of steam and occasional emissions of ash columns. Prevailing winds dissipate these ashes that do not affect the city. They can be seen in some places in Copahue or Caviahue, but nothing that involves a change of alert or take any specific decision. « 




Four earthquakes were registered under the Copahue volcano and were felt in an area of the province of Neuquen. While they are not on large scale, they were located on the surface of the mountain range that remains in the yellow alert.
The Provincial Secretary of Civil Defense, Vanina Merlo said that « the yellow alert is maintained after the earthquakes recorded between 4:30 and 7:45, which is the breakdown product of rocks under the volcano Copahue.« 
The official explained that « even if they are not of great intensity, they took place at a short distance from the surface, so they can be felt throughout the communities of Copahue and Caviahue.« 

He also stressed the necessity to stay « in constant contact with the civil defense in the area, as it is important to pay close attention to the behavior that occurs on the volcano, » adding that « the two activities, administrative and tourism are developed normally. « 
« The Copahue volcano is an active volcano, which for a long time has been recording source of changes in his behavior and events such as clouds of steam and ash, can occur » he has said.

Sources: perfil.com , rionegro.com


Colima , Mexico :

The Colima volcano emits a cloud of ash two kilometers high.

23 January 2016. The Colima volcano has emitted a cloud about two kilometers high with a low ash content, said the national coordinator of civil protection, Luis Felipe Puente.



The official of the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB) said that the emanation of Colima, located at the border of the states of Jalisco and Colima, took place at 10:14 Saturday and winds disperse it to the South.
The surrounding cities of Fuego de Colima are invited to keep informed and to take precautions, especially if ash falls because their health effects can last for a long time .


Overview of Fuego de Colima, note the changes suffered by the volcano after the eruptive events last July.

If you are affected by ash falls, it is suggested that you cover your mouth and nose , to keep yor eyes and throat clean , wearing glasses, and close windows, cover water containers to avoid the contamination, to stay inside the houses, sweeping the ashes without throwing them in sewer.


Source : eluniversal.com.

Photo : Hernando Alonso Cervantes Rivera.


Masaya , Nicaragua :

During the field visit yesterday by the specialists of the INETER, a further rise of the lava lake that is located in the southwestern mouth of the floor of the crater Santiago was noted.
It was also observed a glow in the second mouth of the crater, located northeast of the crater, indicating that a new rise of magma took place under the volcanic caldera.


In addition, a 70% increase of volcanic sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is normal in this process of magma ascent, was found.
This newly rise of magma generates abundant gas emissions, strong sound waves and volcanic tremors.
To continue the current activity for several days could increase the diameter of the mouth on the floor of the crater Santiago, leading to form a larger opening, showing a large lava lake with increased gas emission into the atmosphere.

Source : Ineter.

Photo : Cesar Perez.


Popocatepetl, Mexico :


11h15 January 23 (January 23, 5:15 p.m. GMT)

In the last 24 hours, the volcano Popocatepetl monitoring system registered 68 exhalations of low amplitude composed of steam, gas and sometimes a low ash content and three explosions.
It was also identified continuous recording of events LP (long period) of very low amplitude and 216 minutes of harmonic tremor.
Nocturnal incandescent increased when some episodes was observed.
At the time of this report, the volcano is observed with a continuous emission of steam and gas, heading east.

The CENAPRED urged not to approach the volcano and especially the crater.





January 23 7h02 p.m. (January 24, 1:02 GMT)

Today from 10:00 am until the date of this report, the volcano has increased its activity, generating a constant expiration of steam with low ash content. This activity is envisaged in the definition of Phase 2 yellow activity, which does not change. This activity is very likely related to the destruction of the dome that was recently created. It is recommended not to approach the volcano, to respect the safety zone defined for this phase of activity, and to take the necessary precautions against ash falls, which are summarized at the end of this report.



Popocatépetl - sismo du 23.01.2016 / augmentation de l'activité en début de matinée - Doc Cenapred


11h40 p.m. pm January 23 (January 24, 5:40 GMT)

At the time of this report, the volcano continues the activity that began at 10 am, generating a constant expiration of steam with low ash content. This activity appears to be stronger at night because the cameras capture the incandescent fragments ejected during exhalations, that are not seen during the day. The alert level remains at yellow Phase 2. It is recommended not to approach the volcano, to respect the safety zone defined for this phase of activity, and to take the necessary precautions against ash falls, which are summarized at the end of this report.

If ash falls occur, the following recommendations are made:
Cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth or a face mask.
Clean the eyes and throat with pure water.
Use glasses and avoid contact lenses to reduce irritation of the eye.
Close windows or cover them as much as possible and stay inside.

Source : Cenapred .

Photos : Webcamdemexico, Cenapred.


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