January 20 , 2016. EN. Bromo , Colima , Nevado De Huila , Popocatepetl .

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January 20 , 2016. EN. Bromo , Colima , Nevado De Huila , Popocatepetl .

January 20 , 2016.


Bromo, Indonésia :

7,942 ° S, 112,95 ° E
Summit :  2329 m

Our correspondent on site, (Sylvain Chermette / 80 jours voyage) sends us this photo of Bromo and the following comments:

Bromo is always active. Observations on the site and the seismographs of the Observatory confirm it.
The panache is regular amount to 1000/1500 m depending on moments of the day. It is often clear enough, with phases or the plume is loaded into ashes (several times per hour).

For its part, the GVP announces:

Based on satellite and webcam images, the Darwin VAAC reported that during 6-12 January ash plumes from Tengger Caldera’s Bromo cone rose to an altitude of 3.6 km (12,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted 30-165 km in multiple directions.


The services of Agriculture in Probolinggo specify to the newspaper Antara news that Bromo ash fall today affect an area of 2604 hectares of crops in the sub-districts of Sukapara, Sumber and Lumbang.
The crops involved are potatoes, cabbage, cereals and tomatoes, and the impact on local agriculture has pushed up vegetable prices.


Sources  : Sylvain Chermette / 80 jours voyage ,  GVP , Antaranews .

Photo  : Sylvain Chermette



Colima, Mexico :

The Colima volcano has registered an exhalation of ash that reached 1 500metres high. The column is inclined about municipalities in southern Jalisco

Colima, Mexico, January 19, 2016. On Tuesday morning at 08. 27 hours, the volcano of Colima issued an exhalation headed west side of the volcano.


Researchers from the Colima Volcano Observatory, felt that the event would have generated a plume of ash more than 1500 meters high.
The direction of this ash cloud bowed on municipalities to the south of Jalisco.
The authorities of Colima and Jalisco, maintain an early warning about the possible fall of ash.

The alert level of the volcano continues to « semáforo volcánico color amarillo«  (yellow) or preventive phase.

Source :  noticieros.televisa.com

Photo : Webcamdemexico


Nevado De Huila , Colombia :

Subject: A weekly activity of the volcano Nevado del Huila
The level of activity of the volcano continues: LEVEL YELLOW (III): behavioral changes in volcanic activity.

Analysis and evaluation of information obtained by the monitoring network volcano Nevado del Huila, during the week between 13 and 19 January 2016.

The Colombian Geological Service – Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Popayán reports:
During the period evaluated, 318 seismic events were recorded, of which 141 were related to rock fracturing process (type VT), and 177 to the fluid dynamics inside the volcanic conduits. Of these, 161 were classified as long term events (LP), five (5) as hybrid events which have been associated with both the fracturing mechanisms and a fluid transit (type HB) and 11 volcanic tremor pulses of low amplitude (TR).

nevado de huila

During the week, it was possible to obtain images from webcams from Tafxnú, Maravillas, Caloto and La Palma, in which the volcanic system degassing process were evident, showing a white steam column.
The technical sensors for monitoring ground deformation, acoustic sensors and magnetic field sensors recording the variations associated with volcanic activity did not record changes.

Therefore, it is concluded that during the evaluation period, the volcano continued to show stable behavior. The level of activity of the Nevado del Huila volcano continues to LEVEL YELLOW (III).
The Colombian Geological Service continues to monitor and report on appropriate changes that may occur.


Source : ADRIANA AGUDELO RESTREPO ,Coordinadora Técnica ,Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Popayán ,Servicio Geológico Colombiano.

Photo : SGC.


Popocatepetl , Mexico :

Residents living in San Nicolas Los Ranchos, near the active volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico were on yellow alert Tuesday, which means they are ready to evacuate if necessary.
Video shows the volcano spewing a large plume of ash and gas over 1.25 miles in the sky on Monday.

Popocatepetl is the second highest volcano in Mexico, after Citlaltepetl to over 18,000 feet.
Popocatepetl volcano is located in the states of Puebla, Mexico.



For its part, the CENAPRED publishes:

11:00 January 19 (January 19, 17:00 GMT)

In the last 24 hours, the seismic monitoring system of the Popocatepetl volcano record, 19 exhalations of low intensity, consisting of water vapor, gas and ash . In addition, three explosions occurred yesterday at 11:58, at 11:42 p.m. and 7:19 p.m...
Nocturnal incandescent increased during certain events was observed.

In addition, an volcanotectonic earthquake took place yesterday at 20h13 with a magnitude of 1.2, located in the Northeast area, at a depth of 8.6 kilometers.
At the time of this report, the volcano is observed with a light emission of steam and gas.
The CENAPRED urged not to approach the volcano and above the crater.

The Semaphore volcanic alert o the volcano Popocatepetl is located in Amarillo Phase 2.


Sources : abc7.com , Cenapred .

Photo : Webcamdemexico/ Julian Abed

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