January 04, 2016. EN. Momotombo , Fuego , Cotopaxi .

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January 04, 2016. EN. Momotombo , Fuego , Cotopaxi .

January 04, 2016.


Momotombo, Nicaragua :

The Momotombo volcano, located in the  « chain of volcanoes » of Nicaragua, reported two explosions on Saturday, with expulsion of gases and ash, officials said.

Activity in the Momotombo, 1,297 meters high and is located at the northern end of Lake Managua or Xolotlán, occurred at 2:28 p. m. local time (20:28 GMT), said the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER).

The second explosion occurred at 2:35 p. m. local time (20:35 GMT), the group said on its website. Ashes reached some villages near the volcano, according to neighbors reported broadcasters, local television or in social networks.


Momotombo neighbors said they had heard the sound of explosions. The Momotombo volcano recorded in early December the last major eruption in its history in over a century. Momotombo activity began on December 1, after 110 years of being virtually asleep.

That volcano perfect cone is the same that led to the evacuation of the city of Leon in 1610, when it was under administration of the Spanish crown, and its activity in 1886 made obscure western Nicaragua for 23 days, according to records of INETER. The authorities maintain vigilance in the northwest and southeast of Nicaragua, hinterland of volcanoes.

Source : Nacion


Fuego , Guatemala :

Guatemala January 3, 2016, 18: 30 (local time)
Effusive eruption of Volcan de Fuego.

Type: vulcanian
Morphology : Composite Stratovolcano
Geographical location:: 14 °  28 ’54 North Latitude ; 90 ° 52’54 west longitude.
Height: 3,763m.

The effusive eruption remains energized, emitting thick column of ash up to 7300 meters. (24000 feet, reported by an airplane) to the west and south over a distance of 40 km.
Constants explosions emit locomotive sounds accompanied by shock waves. Ash falls were reported in the villages of Panimache, Morelia, Hagia Sophia, El Porvenir La Rochelle, Osuna. They are likely to reach Siquinalá and Santa Lucia Cotz



The OVFGO reports an incandescent source 500 meters above the crater that feeds a lava flow of 3000 meters long in the Canyons Trinidad and Las Lajas.
This effusive eruption continues, but it can grow in the hours, mainly by pyroclastic flows in the Canyons Las Lajas, El Jute and Trinidad, so you should be aware of the evolution of the eruption.
For this, the INSIVUMEH recommends:
At Conred, maintain the state of alert appropriate to the eruption of the Fuego volcano, mainly on South and South East of volcanic complex flanks.
At civil aviation, to take precautions with the air traffic due to the dispersion of ash over a distance of 40 km in the east and south.

Source : Insivumeh .

Photo : T Pfeiffer / Volcanodiscovery



Cotopaxi , Equateur :

The internal activity of the volcano remains at a moderate level. In the morning, small intermittent emissions were observed.
No rain was not reported.


ANNEX Technical and observations:
From 13:00 (TL) yesterday, to 13.00 (TL) today, were recorded 95 events volcano tectonic (VT), 5 long-period events (LP).
Observations of emissions and ash:
During the night the volcano was clear. In the morning he could be seen with intermittent emissions of water vapor, at a height of 100 meters above the crater, heading east. Currently, the volcano sector is troubled by nebulosity.
Rains and lahars:
No rain or lahars in the volcano area.

Source : IGEPN

Photo : Jose Luis Espinosa Naranjo


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