September 03 , 2015. English . Tungurahua , Piton de la Fournaise, Fuego .

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September 03 , 2015. English . Tungurahua , Piton de la Fournaise, Fuego .

September 03 , 2015.



Tungurahua , Ecuador :

Wednesday, September 2, 2015, the technicians of the Tungurahua Volcano Observatory (OVT) confirmed the issuance of volcanic ash. The output of the volcanic material reached an approximate height of three kilometers above the crater. The issue could be observed from different parts of the province of Tungurahua. Among the clouds it was possible to distinguish the gray volcanic material. This was confirmed by the guardians of Baños de Agua Santa Township and the community of El Manzano.



Benjamin Bernard, head of BST, said the ash outlet was recorded at 15:00 local time. The winds shifted the volcanic dust to the west and north of the massif. Volcanologists have received a report of fall of gray ash into the Pillate sector. The steam emission is constant on the Tungurahua volcano. « We can observe the emission of ash for a while and a few minutes later, the clouds cover the volcano. The instruments indicate a constant tremor, which is associated with the material outlet, » says Bernard. The eruptive activity of Tungurahua volcano is considered to be moderate. the new eruption began to record an increase since August 2015.

Source :

Photo : José Luis Espinosa Naranjo.


Piton de la Fournaise , La Réunion:

The current eruption continues.

The August 31 and September 1, several recognitions on the ground were performed. The activity on the site remained at a sustained level:
A single eruptive mouth remains active. This is a   cone of twenty meters and occupied by a lava lake. At each exploding gas bubbles, fountains (rhythmic) amounted to 15-20 meters above the cone.
At the end of a long tunnel approximately 50 meters a flow escapes to the south for about 1 km. On average broad of 2 to 3 meters , this flow thickens the existing lava field. The front of the flow is fixed.





Wednesday’s activity Bulletin September 2, 2015 at 10:00 am (local time)

The devices of OVPF recorded a further increase of seismic energy (RSAM Rivals) for about 36 hours.



Tremor recorded from the onset of the eruption to 02/09 at 11:00 (local time) OVPF / IPGP)

The analyzes (optical imaging, luminescence and gas flow via satellite) show that the flow rate is constant for several days.
The degassing is important in proximal area of the vent and that until the Plaine des Sables (this is variable depending on the wind) but the concentrations are more diffuse in distal areas (cf. ORA and OPAR).



Under the various observations and measurements, we believe that the observed increase in tremor is related to the construction of the cone and the narrowing of the supply conduit which creates intense ground vibrations  . Moreover, the rate and intensity of lava fountains continue to fluctuate during the day.

Source : OVPF

Photo : Ph. Crozet , Fournaise info/ Timaoul photographies



Fuego , Guatemala :

The Fuego maintain its phase of volcanic eruption which began on Tuesday, September 1st. In the last 24 hours, it was observed lava fountains, moderate to heavy explosions, and falls reports of fine particles of ash on surrounding communities , according to the Special Bulletin of the Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Vulcanologia , Meteorología e Hidrología -INSIVUMEH-.


The activity of the Fuego volcano is accompanied by explosions that form a column of ash up to 5,000 meters above sea level, which is dispersed in a westerly direction for a distance of 15 km. Last night, the seismic station recorded the descent of pyroclastic volcanic clouds flowing down the volcano. According to the scientific authority of the Sistema for the Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción of Desastres -CONRED-, ash fall was reported in the towns of San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango, in Morelia, Panimaché, St. Sophia and in the communities of Sangre de Cristo. Residents say they observe normal activity.


The Executive Secretariat of CONRED and the INSIVUMEH, continues to monitor the behavior of the volcano in the seventh eruption this year and it is possible that the volcano continues to generate pyroclastic flows.
The general public is encouraged to be attentive to information from the authorities, avoid risking his life and if you live in communities near the volcano to cover food and containers in which water is stored, in order to avoid contamination caused by falling ash.
At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation -DGAC-, it is advisable to take precautions to air navigation, for a distance of 25 kilometers, and likely to spread or to climb higher.

Source : Conred.

Photos : Rosendo Morales.

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