August 24, 2015. English . Popocatepetl, Copahue, Pacaya .

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August 24, 2015. English . Popocatepetl, Copahue, Pacaya .

August 24, 2015.



Popocatepetl, Mexico :

August 23 11:30 am (16:30 GMT August 23)

In the last 24 hours, the seismic records  monitoring system of Popocatepetl volcano registered 42 exhalations of low intensity accompanied by emission of steam, gas and sometimes small amounts of ash.
During the night and early this morning, an intense glow in the crater and the issue continues to steam and gas was observed.




Since this morning and until that this report is published, it continues to monitor the continuous transmission of water vapor, gas and sometimes small amounts of ash to the west.
Other monitoring parameters remain without important changes.
The CENAPRED urged not to approach the volcano and especially the crater.



 Photo : John O’leary


Copahue, Chile :

Special volcanic activity report (REAV) Bío Bío Region

Based on the analysis of information collected by the monitoring stations installed near the Copahue volcano, The Servicio Nacional de Mineria y Geología (SERNAGEOMIN) Observatorio de los Andes del Sur Volcanológico (OVDAS), announces:

At dawn on August 19 between 3:03 local time (6:03 GMT) and 03: 42 local time (06: 42GMT) near the volcano Copahue was recorded a seismic swarm composed of 37 volcano-tectonic type events , associated with the breaking of rigid material, at the North North – East, 11.9 km from the main crater and at the depth of 4.41 km. The highest energy of the earthquake swarm presented a local magnitude of M 2.0 and was recorded at 3:11 local time (6:11 GMT).




Location data are:
Latitude: 37.810765 °
Longitude: 71.048025 °

No changes were recorded in the activity of the volcano area   that is attributable to the swarm. No report has been transmitted from the community in Caviahue (Argentina) or surrounding areas. At the time of publication of this report the swarm has decreased and the number of events returned to the level recorded before. The instability of the volcanic system is still evident in his behavior, manifested by the appearance of seismic swarms. Due to the foregoing, the volcano remains at the  technical level of alert : YELLOW.



Photo : (2013) Capture d’écran, Jorge Aranda


Pacaya , Guatemala :


August 20 , 2015.

Since June 16 this year, the Pacaya volcano has made changes in its activities mainly seismic tremors of greater amplitude (internal vibration), with the probability of explosions and lava flows in the hours or days coming, according to the Special bulletin BEPAC # 62-2015 of the Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Vulcanologia, Meteorología e Hidrología -INSIVUMEH. The information published by the INSIVUMEH indicates that the tremor is recorded with a combination of small ash expulsions in Mackenney crater. During the months of July and the first 18 days of August, seismic activity was unchanged.




Yesterday, she gradually increased and a rising trend has been observed, which is likely to generate Strombolian explosions and lava flows for the next few hours or even in the next few days, said scientists from the Sistema of  Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción of Desastres -CONRED. The INSIVUMEH , according field evaluations, note that the crater diameter is wider, sound of constant degassing are observed around this one, blocks of new materials, produced by few small explosions were observed.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA, advised to be vigilant to changes in the activity of the volcano and the authorities of the Pacaya National Park prohibits the ascent to the crater Mackenney due to the current phase of activity.


Source : Conred.

Photo : wikipedia / Bruno Girin

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