August 22 , 2015. Englih. Sakurajima, Karymsky , Ticsani.

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August 22 , 2015. Englih. Sakurajima, Karymsky , Ticsani.

August 22 , 2015.


Sakurajima, Japon :


A major eruption at Mount Sakurajima here appears more likely after scientists confirmed that volcanic discharge that now covers the mountain’s Showa vent has caused pressure to build up inside the mountain.
« The vent has almost been blocked up, and explosive power is increasing as a result of heightened pressure inside the vent,” said Masato Iguchi, the scientist who heads the Kyoto University’s Sakurajima Volcano Research Center. Iguchi joined the aerial survey undertaken by the Japan Meteorological Agency on Aug. 19 to study the situation.

The Asahi Shimbun conducted an aerial survey on the afternoon of Aug. 15. Reporters spotted eruptive products deposited at the vent. They also witnessed the discharge of volcanic gas.
Iguchi also confirmed on Aug. 19 that the volcanic discharge remained there.


Earlier that day, a minor eruption occurred at the Showa vent at 3:13 a.m. It was the first eruption since the agency raised the warning to Level 4 (prepare to evacuate) from Level 3 (restricted entry to the mountain) on Aug. 15.

Eruptions have occurred 672 times between January and June this year at Mount Sakurajima. The number, however, fell sharply to 14 in July. Experts believe that the debris consists of discharge spewed during the intensive eruptive activity between May and June.

Meanwhile, researchers at the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan observed that the land has expanded in both an east and west direction by up to 16 centimeters on the east side of the Minamidake vent from Aug. 10 onward. The movement is apparently the result of the rise of magma below the Showa vent, the researchers said.
The scientific team analyzed data taken from the Daichi-2 advanced land-observation satellite.

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Karymsky , Kamchatka :

54.05 N, 159.44 E;
Elevation 4874 ft (1486 m)
Aviation Color Code is ORANGE

Moderate eruptive activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700 ft (6 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft.



Moderate explosive eruption of the volcano continues. Satellite data by KVERT showed: ash plumes extended about 54 km to the south-east of the volcano on August 15; a thermal anomaly was noting over the volcano on August 15 and 18-20; the volcano was quiet or obscured by clouds in the other days of week.

Source : Kvert.

Photo : E. Kalacheva. IVS FEB RAS


Ticsani, Perou :

The seismic and volcanic activity of Ticsani volcano is currently monitored by the IGPOVS, with the new telemetry system and temporary stations.

The type of VT earthquakes (or seismic fracture) are recorded in an average of 11 VT / day for a total of 137 events. Seismicity of this type is still low compared to previous months. However, this activity is dominant on this volcano.
The seismic activity LP (linked to the passage of fluids), remains low. Only a total of 10 LP events were recorded throughout the period.



On August 17 at 13: 17hrs (UTC) an earthquake of 2.8 ml of energy, which was located 8 km east of the volcano Ticsani occurred. The earthquake was recorded by the Ticsani and Ubinas network. During this period, there were no significant emission density values of SO2 gas. For its part, the Mirova system did not detect thermal abnormalities.


Source : IGP

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