August 18 , 2015. English . Sakurajima, Turrialba, Cotopaxi .

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August 18 , 2015. English . Sakurajima, Turrialba, Cotopaxi .

August 18 , 2015.


Sakurajima, Japon :

The volcanic activity of Sakurajima decreasing.

18 August 2015. The volcanic activity of Sakurajima in Kagoshima Prefecture, was down on Monday, although the risk of an eruption continues, said the Japan Meteorological Agency.



A total of 1,023 volcanic earthquakes occurred on Saturday when the agency has triggered the alert for Sakurajima volcano from level 3 to level 4 on a five-level alert scale. The Level 4 warning invites nearby residents to prepare for evacuation.

The number of earthquakes has dropped to 71 on Sunday. On Monday only 12 earthquakes were observed from 15 hours, the agency said.


Source : Japan Times .

Photo : (2012)  Antony Van Eeten


Turrialba, Costa Rica :

Earth scientists from the Observatory on Volcanology and Seismology of Costa Rica ( OVSICORI) reported a new eruption at the Turrialba volcano, located in the province of Cartago. The geologic event was detected at 1:46 am on Saturday, and it took place after a period of relative calm for this volcano, which had been very active months ago.



This new eruption was mostly a gaseous exhalation, accompanied by an ash column that reached elevations of about 500 meters above the crater. This Mother’s Day eruption was preceded by seismic activity that lasted about nine hours. These volcanic tremors were not perceived by residents who live in the hamlets located on the skirts of the Turrialba volcano, but they were detected by the various monitoring instruments installed by the OVSICORI as well as by the National Seismology Network  ( RSN) of the University of Costa Rica.


Although the seismic activity was not intense, some of the tremors lasted several minutes. The eruption itself lasted less than three minutes, and the ash was quickly picked up by strong winds flowing in a northwesterly direction.

At this time, there is no suspension of flights or closing intentions of Juan Santamaria International Airport or any other airport in Costa Rica.

Source : news .co . cr

Photo : Ovsicori ( 04/2015. ) Carlos Ramirez / RSN


 Cotopaxi, Equateur :


The internal activity on the basis of seismicity and SO2 emissions is considered to be HIGH and the surface activity as MODERATE. It was reported this morning ash emissions reached 300 m above the crater and dissipated towards the West.

Seismicity: In the last 24 hours, 300 long-period events (LP), 1 hybrid event (HIB), one volcano tectonic event (VT) and 142 tremor episodes were recorded.

Gas: From 7:00 to 5:00 p.m. yesterday through DOAS instruments, an average of 10 000 t / d of SO2 was recorded from 41 points of valid measurements.



Observations, emissions and ashes: In the morning, it was reported by the LAN flight that liaised Quito / Cuenca, an emission of ash to a height of 300 meters above the crater to the west. In the afternoon yesterday, there have been reports of sulfur smell in the area near El Boliche . Currently, the volcano sector is in the clouds, there were no reports of falls ashes.

Rains and lahars: A rain gauge located on the northeast side collected 25 mm of rain in the volcano area since yesterday afternoon.



Following the decree on state of emergency, it appears that the information is censored by the government, officially not to let panic the population through misinformation through social networks … which reacted the population estimates their life is at stake and calls for clarification from the scientists rather than by policy.


Source : IGEPN, Blog Bernard Duick .

Photo : wikipedia , J. Cevallos

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