August 17, 2015. English . Cotopaxi , Sakurajima, Villarica .

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August 17, 2015. English . Cotopaxi , Sakurajima, Villarica .

August 17, 2015.


Cotopaxi , Equateur :


State of volcano : eruption moderate
Internal Activity Level: Active
Surface Activity: High



In the last 24 hours, Cotopaxi generated emissions with low ash content. The internal activity on the basis of seismicity and SO2 emissions is considered to be moderate and the surface activity as high . This represents a decrease from what was reported yesterday.

Technical and observations ANNEX:

In the last 24 hours it was registered 107 long-period events (LP), 3 hybrid events (HIB), 25 events volcano tectonic (VT), 25 episodes of tremor of emission, two explosions and one pyroclastic flow that descended on the western flank.

From 7:00 to 5:00 p.m. yesterday through DOAS instruments, it was recorded an average of 8340 t / d of SO2, from 44 points valid measurements and a maximum value of 20,000 tons, coupled with the explosion of 10:25 . The IMO instruments reported a total mass of 16,400 tons of SO2. These values ​​are compatible with the explosive emission and the recorded activity.

Observations, ash emissions:
There was an increase in the amplitude of the seismic signals from 07:15 for a period of about 40 minutes. During this episode of tremor, we noted the fall of pyroclastic material followed by an emission of ash and gas. The working groups of the  Geophysical Institute  reported the presence of ash in the lower area of ​​Cotopaxi, much of which remains in the air because of the winds.
a rain gauge located in the Northwestern side collected 35 mm of rain in the volcano area



Note: Today, the  three teams of IG worked in the Cotopaxi area. These teams conducted the collection and recognition of ash deposits, as well as maintenance and repair of monitoring stations that were affected by the ash. In addition, it was made an overview in which was not found the presence of lahars, which confirms what was observed with the instrumentation.

The volcano has calmed down a bit during the day of yesterday, but had another explosion in the afternoon. The Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency for the area around the volcano and ordered evacuations. During the day of August 14, more than 400 people were evacuated from the village of Loreto del Pedregal on the northern foot of the volcano.

Source : IGEPN , T Pfeiffer.

Photos :  Web. de ,


Sakurajima , Kyushu, Japon :


Japanese volcanologist monitoring the volcano warned that a larger eruption could occur in the near future. The alert level of the volcano was raised to the second highest, 4 out of 5, meaning that preparations for evacuations of nearby areas (within a few km from the Showa crater) are in progress.
The alert was based on a strong swarm of shallow volcanic earthquakes located beneath the Showa crater. The seismic swarm started around 7 am on 15 Aug (local time), and peaked with almost 180 quakes per hour around noon. It gradually waned, but continues with weaker intensity until now.
At the same time, a significant inflation of the Showa crater has been detected. These both are likely caused by the rising of a new batch of magma, which could result in a larger-then-usual eruption.



Yesterday, the tectonic movements indicating the inflation of the mountain have slowed, the Meteorological Agency said. They believe that the rise of magma from a subterranean chamber decreased yet. But Takeshi Koizumi, Senior Coordinator for mitigating volcanic disasters at the agency, said: « We must remain vigilant because it is not known when the magma will start to rise again and when a major eruption will occur as a result. « The government of the city of Kagoshima issued an evacuation notice for areas near the mountain, affecting 77 residents, all of whom left the area at night.

The agency warned of the possibility of an eruption emits large amounts of ash and pyroclastic within 3 km of the Sakurajima Showa vent and Minamidake summit. According to the agency, there is a large magma chamber at a level of about 10-15 km below the surface of the sea northeast of Sakurajima, and it is thought that the magma in this room is pushed into a second small magmatic chamber at 4 or 6 km directly below the mountain. The agency says that the increased pressure in the small chamber has likely led to increase the frequency of volcanic earthquakes and cause swelling of the mountains.


Source : T Pfeiffer, Japan times .

Photo : Kyodo.



Villarrica, Chili :

Glow on the Villarrica volcano.

On August 13 the Villarrica volcano has again surprised the people nearby with an intense night glow.

« With good weather, an impressive incandescent and water vapor emissions were visible. But seismicity is low, » said on his Twitter account the Servicio Nacional de Mineria y Geología (SERNAGEOMIN). In addition, they indicate that the volcano continues to be at yellow alert with low levels of seismicity and a whitish degassing (water vapor).



« We continue to report a decline in volcanic activity, represented by the low energy of seismicity. The volcanic system remains with activity considered as low. Under current conditions, the evolution towards a reactivation of the eruptive activity is unlikely. based on the technical information reported and given that the volcanic activity is still at low levels, the technical level alert remains at LEVEL YELLOW . It is recommended to apply restrictions of access to the area of proximal danger, which remains the area contained within the radius of 3 km around the crater. « the latest report said.

Source : Publimetro.

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