October 15 , 2017. EN. La Palma , Shinmoedake , Ambae , Lewotolo .

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October 15 , 2017. EN. La Palma , Shinmoedake , Ambae , Lewotolo .

October 15 , 2017.

La Palma , Canaries Islands :

After a few days of inactivity, the abnormal seismic series recorded on the island of La Palma since October 7th restarted from 14.34 UTC on October 13th. This new rebound frequently presents small seismicity. So far, 44 events have been recorded, the largest has a magnitude of M 2.1. The series is located since its restart in the same zone as the previous seismicity, with depths slightly lower (between 15 and 22 km). The total number of events recorded in this series (manual counting) is 352 earthquakes, most of them so small that they can not be located.

Given that the seismic network was strengthened by the addition of 3 new stations, earthquakes were more numerous than last week. In addition, it is possible that the modification of the geometry of the network could have influenced this change of location. Activity recorded in the last few hours was lower than the seismic activity recorded on October 9th. No superficial deformation is detected in the analysis of the data obtained by the GPS network on the island of Palma.

The National Geographic Institute, irrespective of the intensity of the recorded activity, continues to provide comprehensive 24-hour monitoring and continues its program to strengthen the volcanic monitoring network. Next Sunday a new team of scientists arrives on the island of La Palma for the realization of Co2 emission profiles and structural studies on the western side of Cumbre Vieja and the search for sites for the installation of 1 GPS and two inclinometers. In addition, water sampling and measurement of physicochemical parameters in the Santa source must be repeated.

Source : IGN ES.
Photo : fotosaereasdecanarias.


Shinmoedake , Japan :

Kyushu’s Mount Shinmoedake is still rumbling with volcanic activity three days after it blew its top for the first time in six years on Oct. 11.
The Japan Meteorological Agency said an eruption that started at 8:23 a.m. on Oct. 14 sent a plume of smoke 2,300 meters into the air.

The 1,421-meter-high mountain straddles the border of Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures in southern Kyushu. The JMA raised the volcano’s activity alert to Level 3, warning people to stay away from the mountain. The alert had been at Level 2, which meant climbers should stay away from the crater.
Around 4 p.m. on Oct. 13, the JMA announced that consecutive eruptions appeared to have stopped as the fluctuation of volcanic tremors had weakened.
But the agency continued to urge caution as it believed volcanic activity was continuing.

Source : Ashahi Shimbun
Photo : J.Reynolds – EarthUncutTV


Ambae , Vanuatu :

AMBAE VOLCANO ALERT BULLETIN No14 issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department (VMGD) on 14th October 2017 at 17:27PM :

Eruptive activity at Ambae is continuing in the minor eruption state ; The Alert Level for Ambae volcano remains at Level 3.
The volcanic eruption at Ambae is continuing in the minor eruption state and confined to Lake Voui. New scientific analyses confirm that there is currently no evidence of risk escalation from this activity. As a consequence, the Volcanic Alert Level remains at Level 3. The volcanic eruption is likely to continue in this state. The restricted area of risk is limited within 3 km from the active vent in Lake Voui.

Observations and the analysis of seismic data of 10th, 12th, 13th and 14th October 2017 confirm the new intrusion of magma in the volcano conduit generating frequent explosions with moderate ash column and the activity is occurring only at the summit crater lakes (Lake Voui). This eruptive activity consists of ongoing explosions, emission of ash columns and gas from the eruptive vents. Lava flows from the eruptive vents to the lake have ceased. The activity at Ambae is like what is seen and experienced at Yasur on Tanna Island.  The local population from Ambae and from neighbouring island can hear some of the explosions, see volcanic ash and gas columns and glows over the mountain at night.
The eruption at Ambae started in September, when the Volcanic Alert Level was raised to Level 3. The volcanic activity has built a volcanic cone (island) in Lake Voui. The cone building phase produced the largest explosions and ashfalls. Some parts of the island experienced ashfalls from this phase of the eruption. The eruptions in mid-September 2017 are similar to those in 2005.

Source : VMGD
Photo : 08.10.2017 –  Geoff Reid Nz


Lewotolo , Indonesia :

Level II level of activity (WASPADA). Lewotolo (1319 m altitude) often experiences seismic crises closely related to local tectonic activity in the northern part of the volcano. Visually since yesterday until this morning, the volcano appeared clear until the arrival of the mist. A low white smoke was observed, of low pressure, rising from 5 to 25 m, inclined towards the East and the West.

The seismographic records of October 14, 2017 noted:
68 smoke emissions
14 shallow volcanic events
21 volcanic events
3 events due to local tectonics, one of which was felt  (MMI I-II)

Communities around the Lewotolo and visitors / tourists should avoid activities, climb and approach within a 2 km radius of the crater.
The latest YELLOW color code recorded was released on 09 October 2017 at 09:26, a white smoke emission from the crater reached a height of 1923 m above sea level or 500 m above the peak. The wind was blowing towards the west.

Source : VSI
Photo : Dan Quinn

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