October 09 , 2017 . EN . Planchôn – Peteroa , Popocatepetl , Dukono , Momotombo ,

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October 09 , 2017 . EN . Planchôn – Peteroa , Popocatepetl , Dukono , Momotombo ,

October 09 , 2017 .


Planchôn – Peteroa , Chile :

Planchôn – Peteroa volcanic complex:

During the period evaluated, a total of one thousand and thirty-seven earthquakes were recorded, of which twenty-eight (28) were related to rock fracturing processes, called volcano-tectonic (VT) with a local magnitude ) of a maximum of 2.1 for an event located 3.7 km north (N) of the active craters at a depth of 5.5 km. Most of the localized earthquakes were concentrated on the northern flank of the volcano with predominant depths between 4 and 7 km.
For events related to fluid dynamics (long périod, LP), 1003 events were classified with reduced displacement values ​​(DRc) less than 1 cm2.
The IP camera images showed the presence of small, low-energy degassing and whitish coloration that did not exceed 70 m above the level of the active craters of the Volcanic Complex.
From the data obtained by two (2) GNSS stations, which measure the deformation in the volcanic complex, there were minor variations, both in the horizontal and vertical movements of the monitoring stations.

On the other hand, the data provided by one (1) Electronic Inclinometer installed in the complex, do not show any modifications related to the morphology of the volcano.
No sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions were reported to the atmosphere in the volcanic complex sector, according to data from the Ozone Monitoring (SMI) Group Sulfur dioxide ( http: //so2.gsfc.nasa .gov /) and National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) (http://satepsanone.nesdis.noaa.gov).
No thermal alert was reported in the area associated with the volcanic complex according to data published by the Middle Observation InfraRed of volcanic activity (Mirova) on its website (http://www.mirovaweb.it/.

The monitoring parameters indicate that the volcanic system is continuing in equilibrium. Therefore, the volcanic alert is maintained at:
Yellow LEVEL: Active volcano with stable behavior – No immediate risk – Time for a possible eruption: MONTH / YEARS.

Source : Sernageomin.
Photo : Volcanes de Chiles.


Popocatépetl , Mexico :

8 October, 10:45 a.m. (8 Oct, 03:45 GMT)
Update of the report for the events of 10.15 (03.15 p.m.).

An explosion occurred with incandescent materials on the slopes of the volcano, with a range of about 800 m.
Over the past 24 hours, through the seismic monitoring systems of the Popocatépetl volcano, we have identified 88 low intensity exhalations and four explosions occurred at 12:52 and 20:50 yesterday and today at 06:22. and at 09:04 h.
In addition, six volcano-tectonic earthquakes were recorded yesterday at 13h31, 13h32 and 18h57 and today at 00:42 h, 02h26 h and 08h31 h, all in a range of preliminary quantities between M 1.2 and M2 .0. In addition, 76 minutes of low amplitude harmonic tremors were detected.

At the time of this report no ash fall was reported and the volcano was observed with a steam and gas emission with a northeasterly direction.
Monitoring of the Popocatépetl volcano is ongoing 24 hours a day. Any changes in activity will be reported in a timely manner.
CENAPRED asked not to come to the volcano and especially near the crater because of the risk of falling ballistic fragments and in case of heavy rains to move away from the bottom of the ravines due to the danger of landslides and mudflows.
The volcanic warning semaphore of Popocatépetl volcano is located in Amarillo Phase 2.

Source : Cenapred
Photo : RT.com / Oswaldo Cantero ( 27/09/2017)


Dukono , Indonésia :

Level of activity at Level II (WASPADA). The Dukono (1229 m altitude) presents a continuous eruption. From yesterday until this morning, the volcano visually is clear until it is covered with mist. By seismograph recording, there were 19 eruptions / emissions with a dominant magnitude of the continuous tremor ranging from 0.5 to 24 mm (dominant 4 mm). Gray-white eruption columns of medium thickness were observed at a height of 300-600 m above the peak, inclined by the wind in a north-westerly and western direction.
Communities around G. Dukono and visitors / tourists should avoid activities, climbing and approaching the Malupang Warirang Crater within a radius of 2 km.


Issued: 20171008/2358Z
Volcano: Dukono (268010)
Current Aviation Colour Code: ORANGE
Previous Aviation Colour Code: orange
Source: Dukono Volcano Observatory
Notice Number: 2017DUK278
Volcano Location: N 01 deg 41 min 35 sec E 127 deg 53 min 38 sec
Area: North Maluku, Indonesia
Summit Elevation: 3933 FT (1229 M)

Volcanic Activity Summary:
Eruption with volcanic ash cloud at 2229 UTC (0729 local).

Volcanic Cloud Height:
Best estimate of ash-cloud top is around 6173 FT (1929 M) above sea level, may be higher than what can be observed clearly. Source of height data: ground observer.

Other Volcanic Cloud Information:
Ash cloud moving to West.

Eruption and ash emission is continuing.

Source : VSI / Magma
Photos : Sylvain Chermette / 80joursvoyages.com.


Momotombo , Nicaragua :

An earthquake of M4.0 on the Richter scale struck near the Momotombo volcano in northwestern Nicaragua, causing no injuries or damage to property, officials said.
The tremor was recorded at 23:59 local time (05:59 GMT Sunday) and its epicenter was located on the mainland, 11 kilometers south-east of the Momotombo volcano, León department, on the Pacific, according to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter).

The earthquake occurred at a depth of two kilometers and was caused by an event related to local faults in the volcanic chain of Nicaragua, according to official information.
The earthquake was felt by the inhabitants of the municipalities of Nagarote and La Paz Centro, neighbors of the volcano, as well as Mateare, Ciudad Sandino and Managua.
The Nicaraguan authorities did not report any casualties or material damage as a result of the earthquake.
The Momotombo is a volcano of 1,297 meters in height located in the « mountain range of the volcanoes » of Nicaragua.

Source : Ineter , El Nuevo Diaro.

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