August 31 , 2017. EN. Poas , Nevado del Ruiz , Karymsky , Bembow , Marum , Ibu .

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August 31 , 2017. EN. Poas , Nevado del Ruiz , Karymsky , Bembow , Marum , Ibu .

August 31 , 2017.

Poas , Costa Rica :

In five months of intense activity, the Poás Volcano continues to evolve and transform itself. Its landscape is no longer the same.

The calm weather that dominated the previous Sunday allowed the volcanologist Raúl Mora Amador to discover several cracks that join the three gaps, which are now seen at the bottom of the crater and which breathe sulfur, ash and steam.
« You see fractures or zones of weakness, terraces that move because one block has lowered compared to another … What will happen with these fractures? We must wait to see this which is going to happen. It would not be surprising if something was formed there or another cone was formed, « said the expert. There is a crack that extends for about 150 meters, has a depth of 10 to 15 meters and in some sections its width is 10 meters. There are others that have a smaller size.

Raúl Mora stated that there is, in addition, the formation, still in progress, of a third mouth which for the moment emits only water vapor but tends to be another « Vent » with sulfur outlet.
The Poas came into operation on 1 April and already on the 9th of that month the national park had to be closed by the intense emission of gas. On April 12, the first strong eruption was recorded with lava, and two days later the Poas launched a powerful eruption four kilometers in height.
However, on April 22 at 10:12. Is the most powerful emanation that could have reached the five kilometers of altitude. The stones he emitted rose three kilometers.
Raúl Mora, a volcanologist from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the State University of the Distance (UNED), acknowledged that it was not until five months after the activity He and other specialists risk crossing the crater to gather evidence.
He added that the visit was made at a time of very low seismicity and while emissions are sporadic but warned that nature is unpredictable and can launch a volcanic eruption without any notice. He explained that he could see first that there are three cavities through which the material is emitted. The main and largest vent is located where the dome was located. It emits ashes, rocks and water vapor.

A second one was located where the hot water lagoon was located and maintains a constant flow of sulfur. The third is of very recent emergence, and only vapors escape. However, according to his view, by this location in the old lake, the latter will become another vent expulsion of sulfur.
Another element that attracted his attention was the enormous amount of stones that had accumulated towards the east of the crater, where the viewpoint, the visitor center, the parking lot and the path to the Botos lagoons lay.
« There is a lot of evidence that this hill is the most affected. » There are areas where there are no spaces between impacts. « The craters indicate that there are rocks that may be three or four meters in diameter, the size of a trolley … others have been burned at over 1000 degrees Celsius. » Signs of pyroclastic flows (hot gases with solid materials traveling at ground level). The vegetation was completely burnt. Branches and trees broken by rocks that were emitted like chips or knives and others crushed by the thrust, this had to go very quickly, « said the specialist.
According to Raúl Mora, the fact that the eastern slope is the most affected indicates that the main duct has a slight inclination towards this sector.
The volcanologist has shown that there are also ballistic elements in the southwest and west areas, where there are people who continue to approach the crater illegally. These hikers use trails that go to farms and enter through the Bajos del Toro, in the canton of Valverde Vega.

Raul Mora predicted that the Poas will continue with evictions for a long time. « The previous period of activity was between 1953 and 1955. Then came a period during which occasional eruptions took place. Remember that the hot water lagoon was formed until 1967. There is Almost ten years, « he said.

Source : La Nacion , Ovsicori .


Nevado del Ruiz , Colombia :

Manizales, 29 August 2017 (11.15 local time)

Subject: activity bulletin of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz.
The level of activity continues at: Activity level yellow or (III): evolution of the behavior of the volcanic activity.

Regarding the monitoring of the activity of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, the COLOMBIAN GEOLOGICAL SERVICE reports that:
Over the past week, the various monitoring parameters show that the Nevado del Ruiz volcano continues to exhibit unstable behavior.
Seismicity due to fracturing of the volcanic rocks showed low levels, both in the number of earthquakes and in seismic energy released, continuing the decrease in seismic activity reported the previous week. The earthquakes were mainly in the South-West, South-East and North-East sectors and, to a lesser extent, in the northern sector of the volcano and near the Arenas crater. The depths of the earthquakes varied from 0.3 to 6.5 km. The maximum amplitude recorded during the week was 1.1 ML (local magnitude), corresponding to an earthquake recorded on August 22 at 01:56 (local time), located in the South-East sector at 2.6 km of the Arenas crater, and at a depth of 3.6 km.

The seismic activity associated with the dynamics of the fluids in the ducts of the volcanic structure showed similar levels, both in the number of recorded earthquakes and in the seismic energy released compared to the previous week. This type of activity was mainly characterized by the appearance of several earthquakes of fluids, of the long period type and very long period, as well as tremor pulses with very low level of energy.
Volcanic deformation, measured from electronic inclinometers, satellite navigation systems (GNSS) and satellite images, to determine changes in tilt, position and shape of the volcano, continues to record some modifications.
The volcano continues to emit water vapor and gases, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), as evidenced by the values ​​obtained by the SCANDOAS stations installed in the volcano area and the analysis of the satellite images. In monitoring the information provided by the MIROVA and NASMS FIRMS portal, no thermal anomaly was identified during the week.
The gas and steam column reached a maximum height of 400 m measured at the top of the volcano on 27 August. The direction of the dispersion of the column was governed by the direction of the wind in the zone which predominated towards the northwest and south-east during the week in relation to the Arenas crater.

Source : SGC


Karymsky , Kamchatka :



Issued : 20170831/0051Z
Volcano:Karymsky (CAVW #300130)
Current Aviation Color Code:YELLOW
Previous Aviation Color Code:orange
Notice Number:2017-222
Volcano Location:N 54 deg 2 min E 159 deg 26 min
Area:Kamchatka, Russia
Summit Elevation:4874.08 ft (1486 m)


Explosive activity of Karymsky volcano on 18 July, 2017.

Volcanic Activity Summary:
A moderate gas-steam activity of the volcano continues. Satellite data by KVERT showed the volcano was quiet or obscured by clouds from 12 August, 2017. KVERT continues to monitor Karymsky volcano.
A moderate gas-steam activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 16,400-19,700 ft (5-6 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft.

Volcanic cloud height:NO ASH CLOUD PRODUSED
Other volcanic cloud information:NO ASH CLOUD PRODUSED

Source : Kvert
Photo : A. Belousov, IVS FEB RAS (18/7/2017 ).


Bembow , Marum , Ambrym Island , Vanuatu :

Danger zones declared around Bembow and Marum volcanoes.

30 AUGUST 2017. The Geohazards Department said it had recorded drastic changes in the volcano’s activity and had increased the alert level for Ambrym from two to three.
The department said there was a possibility the increased activity would result in a minor eruption and it strongly reccomended all visitors keep a distance of at least two kilometres from the Benbow crater and three kilometres from the Marum crater.

It said it was very important that communities, villages, visitors and travel agencies seriously consider this information to avoid volcanic projectiles, gases, ashes and other geo-thermal hazards.
The department said it was monitoring the volcano closely and would provide more information to the public when necessary.

AMBRYM VOLCANO ALERT BULLETIN No8 issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department (VMGD) on 30th August 2017 at 09:12AM :

Volcanic activity at Ambrym is showing drastic changes. The Ambrym Volcanic Alert Level is raised from Level 2 to Level 3.

At this Alert Level, the volcanic activity is likely to increase to a minor eruptive activity or a decrease to a simple level of unrest at any time at any time from any of the active craters of Benbow and Marum (including Maben-Mbwelesu, Niri-Mbwelesu and Mbwelesu). The area of risk remains in the caldera. Danger Zone A and B at Ambrym volcano are closed (Shouldn’t be Access)

Source : RADIO NZ , Geohazard Vanuatu.
Photo : Georges Vitton / le chaudron de Vulcain.


Ibu , Indonesia :

The level of activity is Level II (WASPADA).

G. Ibu (1340 m above sea level) is in continuous eruption. Visually G. Ibu is obviously covered with fog. The white-gray eruption columns observed reach 300-400 m above the peak, inclined towards the north-northeast.

Communities and visitors / travelers should not move, climb and approach within 2 km of G. Ibu, with a 3.5 km sectoral expansion towards the north opening of the active crater.
VONA: Last color coded registered: ORANGE, published on August 28, 2017 at 06:12. Volcanic clouds up to 1725 m above sea level or 400 m above the summit, the ash column sloping towards the north.

Source : VSI
Photo : J Massolo

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