August 18 , 2017. EN. Piton de la Fournaise , Reventador , Kanlaon , Pacaya .

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August 18 , 2017. EN. Piton de la Fournaise , Reventador , Kanlaon , Pacaya .

August 18 , 2017.


Piton de la Fournaise , La Réunion :

Activity report for Thursday 17 August 2017 at 15:00 (Local time).

The eruption that began on July 14 at 00:50 local time continues. The volcanic tremor (indicator of surface eruptive intensity), continues the oscillations that it began yesterday morning.


Figure 1: Evolution of the RSAM (volcanic tremor and eruption intensity indicator) between 00:00 (20h UTC) on July 14th and 15h00 (11h00 UTC) on August 17th on the seismic station of RVL, located on the flank South of the volcano. (OVPF / IPGP)

– No volcano-tectonic earthquake was recorded under the summit craters during yesterday’s day.
– The slight inflation (swelling) of the entire terminal cone of the volcano since the beginning of August (<1 cm since the beginning of the eruption) seems to disappear.


Unfortunately, the presence of clouds during part of the day did not allow reliable estimates of lava flows to be made by the use of satellites.

Uncertain situation on La Fournaise!

Unable to say if the explosive activity that started again on the evening of August 15 continues as the camera has been in the clouds since yesterday. In any case, the activity has seriously modified the cone on the upstream side (on the other side of the webcam). Remember, up to August 12, the upstream vent was still a hole about two meters in diameter that let out a beautiful flame. On August 15, in addition to being enlarged, a second vent in the axis of the eruptive fissure was present, proof of the extreme fragility of the zone before the explosive activity restarts. And on the pictures of the next day, these two vents disappeared under the projections of explosive activity, projections that covered the whole area!


L’image contient peut-être : montagne, nuage, ciel, nature et plein air


For flows ,  difficult to know if the lava field is still growing. A resurgence near the eruptive cone was active this morning but not very dynamically.
On the other hand, the tremor fluctuates, which is not really good sign ..


Source : OVPF, Objectif volcan / Laurent Perrier / Bernard Duick.

Photos : Dronecopter ( Jonathan Payet ), Laurent Perrier .


Reventador , Écuador :



The volcano maintains a high and continuous eruptive activity. Surface activity was characterized by incandescent episodes accompanied by projections of incandescent blocks ,  gas and ash emissions.


We recorded 5 episodes of tremor (TRA), 5 episodes of emission tremor (TRE), 50 events of long period (LP) and 48  explosions (EXP).


Observations, emissions and ash:
During the night, the volcano was partly clear and there was an incandescence, accompanied by projections of blocks on the west flank, up to 300 meters below the summit. Today, however, the volcano in the morning was observed between the clouds with several emissions of gas, steam and ash up to 500 meters at the level of the crater dispersing in the northeast direction.
Rain and lahares:
There is no rain in the area of the volcano.


This daily report will be issued at 12:00 noon (TL) and as long as the level of activity of the volcano justifies it. In the event of an increase or change in the behavior of the volcano, a special report will be issued immediately.

Source : IGEPN


Kanlaon , Philippines :

Phivolcs raises alert level of Kanlaon volcano.

18 AUGUST 2017. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has raised the alert status of Kanlaon volcano to level 1 or “from normal to abnormal,” according to the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) in Negros provinces.
The OCD explained that an alert level 1 status meant that the volcano, which straddles the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, had entered a period of unrest.
The local government units and the public are strictly reminded that entry into the four-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited due to the possibilities of sudden and hazardous steam-driven or phreatic eruptions, Phivolcs said.



Civil aviation authorities must also advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano’s summit as steam and other volcanic debris from a possible sudden phreatic eruption could be hazardous to aircraft.
The Phivolcs had monitored an increased seismic activity that could be succeeded by steam-driven phreatic eruptions at the summit crater, despite the absence of visible degassing or steaming from the active vent this year, the OCD said in a statement. Kanlaon volcano’s seismic monitoring network had recorded a total of 244 volcanic earthquakes since June 24.

Ground deformation data from continuous GPS measurements indicated that the Kanlaon edifice remains inflated since December 2015, it added. “These parameters indicate that volcanic processes are underway deep beneath the edifice that may be caused by deep-seated degassing or hydrothermal activity or magmatic intrusion,” Phivolcs said.

Source : Inquirer/Jeannie Curtis


Pacaya , Guatemala :

Activity type: Strombolian
Morphology: Stratovolcan composite
Geographical location: 1 4 ° 22’50 « North Latitude; 90 ° 36’00 » West Longitude.
Altitude: 2,552 m.
Conditions: Cloudy.
Winds : less than 5 mph.
Precipitation: 0.0 mm.

Image associée

As has been reported, the Pacaya has undergone major changes in its eruptive model, where strombolian explosions are recorded and observed, expelling volcanic material and ash columns at 750 meters in height. The OVPAC Observatory reports that most of the material is deposited inside the crater, some volcanic bombs are ejected at a greater distance, between 75 and 100 meters, descending through the slopes, mainly on the flank West . The PCG seismic station records strombolian explosions and tremors associated with magma uplift and degassing. The activity of the Pacaya can increase during the days and generate more violent explosions and expel volcanic material at greater distance, accompanied by emissions of ash.

Source : Insivumeh.

Photo : Globe Holidays.

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