July 17 , 2017. EN. Piton de la Fournaise , Sinabung , Fuego , Turrialba .

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July 17 , 2017. EN. Piton de la Fournaise , Sinabung , Fuego , Turrialba .

July 17 , 2017.


Piton de la Fournaise , La Réunion :

Activity Report for Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 4:30 pm (Local Time)

The eruption begun on July 14 at 00:50 local time continues. After an increase in its intensity during the night of the 15th to the 16th of July, the volcanic tremor (surface eruptive intensity indicator) remains constant at 8h local time (4h UTC, Figure 1).


Figure 1: Evolution of RSAM (volcanic tremor and eruption intensity indicator) between 00:00 (20h UTC) on July 14th and 16h00 (10h UTC) on July 16th on the seismic station of RVL, located on the flank South of the volcano. (© OVPF / IPGP)

– No seismicity was recorded during the day under the Piton de la Fournaise volcano.

– A slight deflation (deflation) is observed at the top of the terminal cone.


L’image contient peut-être : feu et nuit


Estimates carried out by satellite methods via the HOTVOLC platform (OPGC – Clermont Ferrand) show a minimum flow rate of 1 to 3 m3 / s.

Source : OVPF

Photo : Laurent Perrier


Sinabung , Indonesia :

Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation (VONA):

Last Issued: 20170717/0422Z
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

Volcanic Activity Summary:
Eruption with ash clouds at 04:12 UTC (11:12 local time). The eruption lasted for 138 seconds.
Volcanic Cloud Height:
Best estimate of ash-cloud top is around 9472 FT (2960 M) above sea level, may be higher than what can be observed clearly. Source of height data: ground observer.

Other Volcanic Cloud Information:
Ash cloud is moving to East – Southeast
Seismic activity is characterized by the Deep Volcanic Earthquake, Low Frequency Earthquake, and Hybrid Earthquake. Rock avalanche (Incandescent lava) is not identified.


Kegempaan Sinabung


G. Sinabung remains at the level of activity of Level IV (Awas)

Community and visitors / tourists should not operate within a radius of 3 km around the summit, 7 km in the Southeast sector, at a distance of 6 km in the East – East, and at a distance of 4 km in the northeast sector of G Sinabung. And the people who live near the rivers that spill from Sinabung must remain vigilant about the potential dangers of lahars. Deposits of volcanic materials formed a dam upstream on the Laborus River.


L’image contient peut-être : montagne, ciel, nature et plein air

People who live and move around the watershed downstream of the Laborus River must maintain vigilance because these dams can collapse at any time, creating downstream lahar / flooding. The BPBDs Tanah Karo immediately broadcast a warning of disaster, threat of lahar / flooding for people who live and move downstream, along and around the river Laborus.

Source : Magma , VSI.

Photo : Endro Lewa


Fuego , Guatemala :

Special Volcanological Bulletin, Guatemala 16 July 2017, 17:00 (Local Time).

Lahars moderate in the Seca canyons and the Mineral river, tributaries of the Rio PANTALEON.

Type of activity: Vulcanian
Morphology: Stratovolcano composit
Geographical location: 14 ° 28’54˝Latitude N; 90 ° 52’54˝Longitude W.
Height: 3,763msnm.


Heavy rains on the upper part of the Fuego volcano generate lahars moderated by the Seca or Santa Teresa canyon and the Rio Mineral, tributaries of the Pantaleon River, with moderate characteristics. It has a width of 30 meters and a height of 2 meters, and carries blocks of 1 to 2 meters in diameter as well as trunks of trees and branches.
These lahars are hot, emitting columns of steam and a smell of sulfur. They continuously overflow the road between the communities on the south-west flank of the Fuego volcano, to the municipality of Yepocapa, isolated the village of Sangre de Cristo and the property of Palo Verde.
Abundant rains on the volcanic complex can generate moderate to strong lahars in the ravines of Las Lajas, El Jute, Trinidad, Ceniza.

Source : Insivumeh


Turrialba , Costa Rica :

Volcán Turrialba sent fine ash to the Central Valley in two eruptions.

15 JULY 2017. Two passive eruptions that lasted four hours from the Turrialba volcano on Friday night and Saturday morning generated very fine ash and smell of sulfur in several villages in the Central Valley.
Javier Pacheco, of the Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica (Ovsicori), said the first eruption occurred from 6-10PM. and the second from 5-9AM. In addition to these eruptions there were others of less force until noon, when the activity reduced considerably.

In Sabanilla de Montes de Oca, Ipís, El Carmen de Guadalupe, Purral, Goicoechea and some parts of Tibás there were reports of fine ash fall. As for the smell of sulfur, it was perceived in San Jose, Tibás, Guadalupe, Escazú and Puriscal, Pacheco reported. Most of the ash fell near the volcano and in villages such as San Gerardo de Robert between Irazú and Turrialba.



L’image contient peut-être : montagne, nuage, ciel, nature et plein air

On the seismic activity, the electronic devices reflect signals of low intensity tremor and earthquakes of low frequency. The column of gases reached heights of up to 400 meters and was displaced by the wind in direction southwest and northwest. The wind sent the column of materials and gases in a northwest direction.

Another small eruption of ashes happened this Saturday at 10:25 am whose column reached 300 meters of height and that the wind moved towards the southwest. At 10:58 am there was another, whose feather reached 400 meters of height and moved towards the southwest.

The Ovsicori reminded people who will walk to the basilica of the Angels in Carthage, from next weekend, to be attentive to the activity of the active volcanoes since, depending on the direction and speed of the wind, the gases and fine particles Could reach some of the most used routes to reach the old metropolis.

Javier Pacheco said that if the activity continues as before, there would be no problems because the wind runs to the west and northwest and the eruptions are passive, but if conditions change, the rosemary could occupy wet handkerchiefs or masks to protect themselves.



L’image contient peut-être : nuage, ciel, montagne, plein air et nature

At 9:15 am this Saturday the Turrialba had a sustained activity and the wind carried small amounts of ash to San Jose. Ovsicori-Una

Pacheco recalled that the Poas also has strong activity of emission of gases, for the walkers who pass through Naranjo, Zarcero, Valverde Vega and other cantons with Poas influence, should include handkerchiefs, especially if they are people with respiratory deficiencies.


Source : La NACION

Photos : Ovsicori-Una , RSN.

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