July 02 , 2017. EN. Dieng , Sileri crater , Update 11h .

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July 02 , 2017. EN. Dieng , Sileri crater , Update 11h .

July 02 , 2017.


Dieng , Sileri Crater , Indonesia :


Explosion on the Sileri crater, Dieng plateau (explosion of gas).

District information BPBDs of Kalaksa, Banjarnegara:

12:00: eruption in the Sileri crater on the Dieng plateau, village of Kepakisan. While many visitors were present. There were 10 injured people who were evacuated to the health centers. No deaths.
The explosion rose to 50 meters.
Visitors and residents are asked to leave the premises. The event could cause further explosions.


L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus, nuage, ciel et plein air





The Dieng plateau in the highlands of central Java is renowned both for the variety of its volcanic scenery and as a sacred area housing Java’s oldest Hindu temples, dating back to the 9th century CE. The Dieng volcanic complex consists of two or more stratovolcanoes and more than 20 small craters and cones of Pleistocene-to-Holocene age over a 6 x 14 km area.



Prahu stratovolcano was truncated by a large Pleistocene caldera, which was subsequently filled by a series of dissected to youthful cones, lava domes, and craters, many containing lakes. Lava flows cover much of the plateau, but have not occurred in historical time, when activity has been restricted to minor phreatic eruptions.


Toxic volcanic gas emission has caused fatalities and is a hazard at several craters. The abundant thermal features that dot the plateau and high heat flow make Dieng a major geothermal prospect.






Source : Endro Lewa , GVP.



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