March 31 , 2017. EN. Fuego , Ebeko , Turrialba, Sinabung .

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March 31 , 2017. EN. Fuego , Ebeko , Turrialba, Sinabung .

March 31 , 2017.


Fuego , Guatemala :

The Fuego volcano, in recent days, showed an increase in energy of its explosions, as seen on the seismic record obtained by station GR3. The volcano observatory reports an average of 5 to 7 explosions per hour, which have low to moderate characteristics. They generate columns of ash reaching a height of about 4,300 to 4,700 m (14,107 to 15,419 feet), which travel more than 10 kilometers in a southerly and southeasterly direction. Incandescent pulses at a height of 150-300 meters above the crater generate falls of volcanic materials of different sizes, reaching distances of more than 200 m from the crater and weak to moderate avalanches on the crater’s outline .

These explosions are accompanied by weak, moderate and strong rumblings that have had weak to moderate shock waves, causing vibrations on the roofs of houses near the volcano. Weak sounds, similar to train locomotive machines, with intervals of 10 minutes are reported. The rumblings are heard in the volcanic perimeter and in the municipalities of Escuintla, Santa Lucia Cotz., Siquinalá among others.
According to the observations, the seismic energy of the explosions continues, with the possibility that in the next hours lava flows will be generated and a new strombolian eruptive phase will develop.

Source : Insivumeh

Photo : Fotonoticias

Ebeko , Paramushir Island , Russia :

50.686°N, 156.014°E
Elevation 1103 m

KVERT reported that during 20-22 March several explosions at Ebeko, observed by residents of Severo-Kurilsk (Paramushir Island) about 7 km E, generated plumes that rose to altitudes of 1.7-1.8 km (5,600-5,900 ft) a.s.l. Minor amounts of ash fell in Severo-Kurilsk on 21 March. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange (the second highest level on a four-color scale).


The flat-topped summit of the central cone of Ebeko volcano, one of the most active in the Kuril Islands, occupies the northern end of Paramushir Island. Three summit craters located along a SSW-NNE line form Ebeko volcano proper, at the northern end of a complex of five volcanic cones. Blocky lava flows extend west from Ebeko and SE from the neighboring Nezametnyi cone. The eastern part of the southern crater contains strong solfataras and a large boiling spring. The central crater is filled by a lake about 20 m deep whose shores are lined with steaming solfataras; the northern crater lies across a narrow, low barrier from the central crater and contains a small, cold crescentic lake. Historical activity, recorded since the late-18th century, has been restricted to small-to-moderate explosive eruptions from the summit craters. Intense fumarolic activity occurs in the summit craters, on the outer flanks of the cone, and in lateral explosion craters.

Source: Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT), GVP.

Photo : T. Kotenko, IVS FEB RAS, KVERT



Turrialba , Costa Rica :

Activity report of the Turrialba volcano,
March 30, 2017, updated at 11:00 AM

Yesterday (29 March), the volcanologists of the OVSICORI confirmed the ash emissions almost constant while carrying out the maintenance of the material on the crater. Today, the Turrialba volcano continues with moderate activity, with continuous emission of ash, gases and aerosols. The size of the eruptive plume does not exceed 500 meters above the crater.
The seismographs of the OVSICORI-A, located near the Turrialba, continue to record the moderate amplitude of the volcanic tremor. Sometimes low volcanic (LP) volcanic earthquakes and small volcano-tectonic earthquakes (VT) are recorded.


L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, montagne, ciel, nuage, plein air et nature

During the day, the plume of ash, gas and aerosols was dispersed mainly to the south and southwest.
So far, the population has not reported any odor of sulfur. Ash falls are reported in Los Geranios Guacimo and Siquirres Joy, and in some towns of Turrialba and Turrialba Center.

The OVSICORI-A sends a daily report at 11:00 am and when there are significant changes in the activity of the volcano.


Source : Ovsicori


Sinabung , Indonesia :

3.17°N, 98.392°E
Elevation 2460 m

Based on PVMBG observations, satellite data, and wind data, the Darwin VAAC reported that during 22, 24-25, and 27 March ash plumes from Sinabung rose to altitudes of 3.3-4.3 km (11,000-14,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted S, SE, and E.


Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation (VONA):
Last Issued: 20170329/0851Z
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

 Volcanic Activity Summary:
Eruption with ash clouds at 08:35 UTC (15:35 local time). The eruption lasted for 416 seconds.
Volcanic Cloud Height:
Best estimate of ash-cloud top is around 14272 FT (4460 M) above sea level, may be higher than what can be observed clearly. Source of height data: ground observer.
Other Volcanic Cloud Information:
Ash cloud is moving to east-southeast
Seismic activity is characterized by the Deep Volcanic Earthquake, Low Frequency Earthquake, and Hybrid Earthquake. Rock avalanche (Incandescent lava) is not identified


Source : GVP ,

Photo : Firdaus Surbakti / Beida Sinabung

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