February 23 , 2017. EN. Anak Krakatau , San Cristobal , Piton de la Fournaise , Cleveland , Sheveluch .

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February 23 , 2017. EN. Anak Krakatau , San Cristobal , Piton de la Fournaise , Cleveland , Sheveluch .

February 23 , 2017.


Anak Krakatau, Indonésia :

6.102 ° S, 105.423 ° E
Altitude 813 m

The new suspected eruption was confirmed. Our reader Aaron visited the volcano and saw an intense strombolian -vulcanian activity of the crater of the Anak Krakatau:
« I spent last night on the Anak Krakatau and I just saw your post on a new activity, I can confirm that there was a lot of activity yesterday afternoon / night (Monday, Feb 20 , 2017, volcanodiscovery)


Our friend Oystein Lund Andersen found this picture on Facebook (@Anugera Simanjuntak). It’s supposed to be taken on February 17th. This shows a very clear plume rising from Krakatau.

Oystein also tells us:

A friend of mine who visited Krakatau today said the volcano was calm during his 6-hour visit to the volcano, but a strong degassing plume was present. In addition, recent eruptive materials have been found on the flanks, probably from the eruptive activity of 17-18.

The GVP reports:

PVMBG reported that seismicity at Anak Krakatau increased on 17 February, with earthquakes indicating emissions slowing transforming into continuous tremor. Harmonic tremor began to be recorded at 1810 on 19 February. Almost an hour later, at 1904, Strombolian explosions ejected incandescent material 200 m high.

Sources : Volcanodiscovery , Oystein Lund Andersen. GVP.


San Cristobal , Nicaragua :

The San Cristobal volcano, located in northwestern Nicaragua, presented 15 new low intensity explosions, the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) said.
The San Cristobal, the highest mountain in Nicaragua with 1,745 meters high, began to increase its activity this Saturday.

During the  explosions of Sunday, volcanic gases were emitted as well as small amounts of ash, reported by the government.
The authorities considered that the activity of San Cristobal represents a danger for the inhabitants.
INETER reported that it maintains constant monitoring on the volcano, and will issue early warning if necessary.

After the explosions inside the crater, the volcano returned to a relative calm, according to the official report. (EFE)


Source : RPP


Piton de la Fournaise , La Reunion :

The eruption begun on January 31, 2017 at 7:40 pm local time continues. Since yesterday and despite fluctuations during the day, the volcanic tremor (indicator of surface eruptive intensity) remains at a stable level less than that observed a week ago (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Evolution of the RSAM (volcanic tremor and eruption intensity indicator) between January 31st and February 22nd (18h local time) on the seismic station of Château Fort, located on the southern flank of the volcano.

– No seismicity was recorded during the day under the summit of Piton de la Fournaise.

– The resumption of inflation of the volcano in its summit area continues. On the other hand, at lower altitudes (bottom and outside of the enclosure) no deformation is currently observable.


The visual observations made from the top of the volcano by the observatory teams during the day show no significant change in surface activity.

The visual observations made on the eruptive site by a team from the Observatory today show moderate and stable activity. No significant changes in surface activity were observed. This morning a strong north wind pushed the plume towards the south coast.



Photo 1: Aerial view of 22 February 2017, from the vent of the current eruption. A channel from the cone towards the southeast is seen, as well as the plume pushed by the wind towards the south coast.

Source : OVPF

Photo : F Leveneur , OVPF.


Cleveland , Alaska :

52 ° 49’20 « N 169 ° 56’42 » W,
Summit elevation 5676 ft (1730 m)
Current volcanic alert level: ATTENTION
Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

No significant activity was observed in most cloudly satellite data over the past day. Webcam images show a potential plume of vapor from the top of the volcano, but no significant volcanic activity has been detected in seismic or infrasonic data over the past 24 hours. The presence of the recently built lava dome in the top crater can act to block the vent, resulting in reduced or limited gas emissions that can lead to explosive activity with little or no warning.

Source : AVO

Photo : AVO


Sheveluch , Kamchatka :

56.64 N, 161.32 E;
Elevation 10768 ft (3283 m),
The elevation of the dome ~ 8200 ft (2500 m)
The color code of aviation is ORANGE

Summary of volcanic activity:
According to the video data, the start of the explosions took place at 05:09 UTC; The ash plume extends northwest of the volcano.
The explosive-extrusive eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions as high as 26,200 to 32,800 ft (8-10 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Current activity could affect international aircraft and low-flying aircraft.


Height of volcanic clouds: 16400-18040 ft (5000-5500 m) AMSL. Time and method of determination of cloud height / ash plumes: 20170220 / 0516Z – Video data
Other information about volcanic clouds: Distance from the ash plume / cloud of the volcano: 15 km
Direction of ash plume drift / volcano cloud: NW
Time and method of determination of ash cloud / cloud: 20170220 / 0516Z – Video data

Source : Kvert

Photo : Yu. Demyanchuk. IVS FEB RAS, KVERT

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