December 12, 2016. EN. Colima , Gamalama , Irazu , Reventador .

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December 12, 2016. EN. Colima , Gamalama , Irazu , Reventador .

December 12, 2016.


Colima , Mexico :

A volcanic eruption forced the Mexican authorities to order the evacuation of hundreds of people in the state of Colima last week. This one continued to emit lava on Friday.

The dramatic photos of the volcano, one of the most active in the Western Hemisphere, shows that it bursts about four times a night.
The government has also set up exclusion zones to keep people away



Also known as Volcan Fuego de Colima, the 12,533-foot volcano is located 430 miles west of Mexico City.
Since its eruption last week, authorities have evacuated hundreds of people from two small hamlets in Colima and another in Jalisco.
Residents were evacuated and transported to shelters while the authorities established an exclusion zone of about seven miles in Colima and five miles in Jalisco.
Areas include Juan Barragan, La Becerra and Yerbabuena.

Source :

Photo :  Hernando Rivera


Gamalama , Indonesia:

Mt. Gamalama Volcanic Activities Increase

11 DECEMBER 2016. Volcanic activities of Mount Gamalama in Ternate, North Maluku, continues to increase. A tremor quake measuring 10 millimeter had been reported since Friday (8/12).


Darno Lamane, Head of Gamalama Mountain Observation Post said based on the data the post received, the increase of volcanic activity of the mountain was influenced by the volcanic quakes that has happened in the past one week.

Nevertheless, Darno said that the people can still do their activity normally and the condition is still safe. « The status is still at level II but we urge the people not to approach the mountain,” Darno said.

Mount Gamalama is one of five volcanic mountains in North Maluku province.The mountain has a height of 1,715 meter above sea level. At least 300,000 people live near the mountain.

Source :   TEMPO


Irazu , Costa Rica :

New cracks at the Irazu Volcano could force the move of telecommunication antennas .

11 DECEMBER 2016. The first sign of a problem appeared in December 2014, when a fissure in the northern side of the Irazu, Volcano started to buckle the land where 84 telecommunication towers for television, radio and private communication are set.


The cracks that continued to appear in 2015 were of around a meter and a half wide (5 feet) and 90 centimeters (35 inches)deep; now, new cracks atop of the volcano and the widening of others, to more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) in some areas and over 3 meters (10 feet) of depth, makes the need of moving the antennas imminent. Extra TV 42, Sinfonola Radio, America Radio, Radio Services, Prisa Radio, Columbia, Nacion Group and Faro del Caribe are some of the companies affected by this problem.



The Minister of Science and Technology, Edwin Estrada, confirmed they will be holding additional meetings with the Volcano and Seismological Observatory and geologist of the University of Costa Rica to identify the areas of more risk and define the action course. “This has already been done, there is a diagnostic already. What happens now is that we have to determine how much we have to speed up the process of moving the antennas”, said Estrada.

Recommendations will be given to the different owners of the antennas as of January; this is the highest point in the Central Valley (3,400 meters above sea level) and almost in the center of the country, which is why it was an ideal place to setup the antennas.


Photos : Rafael Golan, Fabrice Four.


Reventador , Ecuador :

Sunday, 11 December 2016

The volcano was maintained with high internal activity. At dawn today the descent of incandescent blocks up to 800 meters below the crater was observed. No rain was reported.




Seismicity: From 11h00 (TL) yesterday until 11h00 (TL) today, 50 explosions (EXP), 34 events long period (LP), 23 episodes of tremor of emission (TRE) and 9 episodes of tremor harmonic (TRA) have been recorded.
Notes: Since yesterday afternoon and during the night, the volcano has remained clear. In the morning of today, falls of incandescent blocks could be observed on the east and southwest sides of the volcano, up to 800 meters below the crater. Currently, the volcano is clear.
Rains and lahars: There were no rains or lahars.

The present report on a daily basis will be published at 12:00 (TL). In the event of an increase or change in the behavior of the volcano, a special report shall be issued forthwith.


Source : IGEPN

Photo : Juan Carlos.

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  • Pamela Conley

    Why do people put their communication equipment on an active volcano?? I can understand volcano motoring equipment but television and radio equipment??? Come on people….it’s an ACTIVE volcano for goodness sake!!!

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