December 06 , 2016. EN. Sabancaya , Nevados De Chillan , Turrialba , Erebus .

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December 06 , 2016. EN. Sabancaya , Nevados De Chillan , Turrialba , Erebus .

December 06 , 2016.


Sabancaya, Peru :

In general, the energy of volcanic seismic events increased. On 01 December, the boiling of the hydrothermal system generated a peak in the energy of Tremor events (TRE).
Hybrid low-energy events remained constant, indicating a regular but very moderate supply of magma. 349 explosions were recorded.
• Eruptive gas and ash columns reached 4000 meters above the top of the volcano, spreading over a radius of more than 40 km in a northeast, eastern, southeast and South direction .
• There were few signs of tension on the southeast side of Sabancaya.
• The volcanic gas flow (SO2) recorded a maximum of 3023 tonnes / day.



Stay constantly informed by the reports published jointly by IVO and OVS.
• Do not approach the volcano within 10 km.
• If ash falls: cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth or a mask.
• Clean your eyes and cool the throat with pure water.
• Avoid wearing contact lenses.
• Keep the windows closed.
• Implement activity prevention and mitigation.

Source : IGP


Nevados De Chillan , Chile :

Activity bulletin of the Nevados  of Chillan volcanic complex (16 to 30 November).
YELLOW LEVEL: changes in the behavior of volcanic activity – probable time for an eruption: weeks / months.

1147 seismic events, of which seventy-four (74) were related to rock fracturing processes, called volcano-tectonic earthquakes (VT) with a maximum local magnitude (ML) of M1.5, events located at 3.0 km South – South – West (SSO) of the active crater with a depth of 3.0 km were recorded. In addition, one thousand seventy-three (1073) earthquakes called long-term events (LP), related to the dynamics of fluids inside the volcano were recorded. The largest registered LP events took place on November 18 at 23:40 (local time) with a magnitude of M2.2 and a reduced displacement (RDC) of 104 cm

After 18 days without surface activity, seventeen (17) explosions, mainly associated with fluid events (LP and tremors – TR) were recorded, the most energetic occurring on 18 November at 23:40 (local time) with an small reduced displacement (RDC) of 104 cm2.


nevados de chillan

According to data from the four (4) GNSS stations monitoring the deformation of the volcanic complex, small amplitude variations were observed in the horizontal and vertical components of the GNSS stations, which do not exceed 0.6 cm / month. The control of the GNSS lines passing through the volcanic complex did not show higher rates at 0.4 cm / month, lower strain rate than at the beginning of 2016. On the other data, from two (2) inclinometers on the slopes, there is no tendency in relation to deformation caused by the volcano’s internal activity, observing only small variations  compatible with climatic effects.
DOAS station, Chilian equipment, located 3 km east-northeast (ENE) of the active crater, did not record any valid measurements for this month, indicating little presence of S02.

– No anomalies were reported in sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions in the volcano sector, according to data obtained by the IMO Ozone Monitoring Group ( /) And NESDIS (
No thermal alerts were reported in the area associated with the volcano according to the data published by MODVOLC MODIS on its website ( and Mirova on its website (http: //

nevados de chillan

The pulsatile nature of volcanic activity continues, characterized by a weak explosive activity, predominance of a surface hydrothermal system interacting with a magma body underlying, indicating that the volcanic complex system is still unstable. In this context, there is a probability of new occurrences of explosive activities  type phreatic and / or a greater intensity of the phreatomagmatic activity of the currently active craters. Consequently, the level of volcanic alert remains at YELLOW LEVEL, considering as zone of high risk the zone within 3 km of active craters. Therefore, it is recommended to restrict access to this area.

Source : Sernageomin.


Turrialba, Costa Rica :

Activity report of the Turrialba volcano:
5 December 2016.

The Turrialba volcano is maintained with a temporary calm, with a low seismic activity, no tremor. The Turrialba volcano continued its degassing. During this time there was only a plume of white color for the emission of steam, although sometimes the plume was seen greyish, weakly, with a minimum presence of ash.



The direction of the wind is towards the west and the southwest, according to the station of the National Meteorological Institute.

Source : Ovsicori


Erebus , Antarctic :

The 2016 field season has begun. Yesterday our first group headed up to Erebus, where they will work on observation and analysis of the Erebus lava lake, the gas plume emitted by the lake, and the Erebus ice caves.

The team this year will also be working to remove the existing MEVO seismic network stations and restoring the sites to their natural state.



Mount Erebus, the world’s southernmost historically active volcano, overlooks the McMurdo research station on Ross Island. The 3794-m-high Erebus is the largest of three major volcanoes forming the crudely triangular Ross Island. The summit of the dominantly phonolitic volcano has been modified by one or two generations of caldera formation. A summit plateau at about 3200 m elevation marks the rim of the youngest caldera, which formed during the late-Pleistocene and within which the modern cone was constructed. An elliptical 500 x 600 m wide, 110-m-deep crater truncates the summit and contains an active lava lake within a 250-m-wide, 100-m-deep inner crater.


The glacier-covered volcano was erupting when first sighted by Captain James Ross in 1841. Continuous lava-lake activity with minor explosions, punctuated by occasional larger strombolian explosions that eject bombs onto the crater rim, has been documented since 1972, but has probably been occurring for much of the volcano’s recent history.

Source : Mevo, GVP

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