September 14 , 2016. EN. Piton de la Fournaise , Ubinas , Turrialba , Klyuchevskoy .

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September 14 , 2016. EN. Piton de la Fournaise , Ubinas , Turrialba , Klyuchevskoy .

September 14 , 2016.


Piton de la Fournaise , La Réunion :

We can not say that OVPF communicates much about the eruption. We have the feeling that it takes place « in the hushed« . It may be a private eruption


Tourists currently present have much luck. This beautiful eruption continues, and obviously, the evening promises to be once again magic
Since yesterday, the news is rather good: the eruption continues, two vents (openings where lava comes out) are still active with projections ranging from 15 to about 30 meters high.

The activity fell slightly in increments since Sunday; it stagnates with a small but continuous seismology. This morning the weather was capricious with some rain, but the sun has returned dices the end of the morning. Tomorrow the forecast is good.

Source : Fournaise info

Photo : Luc Perrot


Ubinas , Peru :

Volcanic and seismic monitoring:
Over the last 4 days of monitoring, the Ubinas volcano has recorded relatively high levels of activity. In recent weeks, the OVS-IGP reported the presence of Tornillos type earthquakes (associated with a process of relatively deep pressurization). Thereafter, from 9 September there was an increase of earthquakes VT type (related to fracture of rocks following the pressure buildup) and hybrid events associated with the ascent of magma, both in number and power.

On September 13, from 8:01 local time, it was recorded earthquakes type Tremor (disturbance of the hydrothermal system), which reached 63 megajoules (MJ) of energy.
These events, coupled as mentioned in the previous paragraph indicate that a magmatic body rises to the surface. It can occur in the short term, volcanic explosions with ash emissions.


Localization of event:
During the month of September, the VT type of activity was below the volcanic cone to a maximum depth of 3.6 km, but with magnitudes between M1,5 and M2,5, imperceptible by the population. During this period, it was not recorded distal earthquakes.

Satellite Surveillance:
thermal and SO2 anomalies : The Mirova system ( detected no thermal anomaly. In addition, the satellite system « EOS Aura » GSDMNASA ( detected no large anomalies in gas density values of SO2 in the period.

Video Surveillance:
During the first thirteen days of September, the Campbell Scientific camera of the IGP reported sporadic emissions of water vapor being expelled from the crater of the volcano Ubinas. These emissions, which occurred mainly in the morning, were views on 05, 09, 12 and 13 September. Precisely for this last day, these whitish gas reached a maximum of 500 meters above the base of the crater.

The Ubinas volcano increased its activity level in the last 5 days. Earthquakes related to the breaking of rocks due to pressure buildup (VTS), the events associated with the rise of magma (hybrid) earthquakes that indicate the disturbance of the hydrothermal system (Tremors) are observed. Following this, the possibility of occurrence of explosions and / or emissions is noted.

Source : IGP


Turrialba , Costa Rica :

Turrialba Volcano spews ash, vapor.

13 SEPTEMBER 2016. Following an increase in seismic activity, Turrialba Volcano began spewing ash, vapor and gases at 2 a.m. on Tuesday, experts from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the National University (UNA) confirmed.
Activity at Turrialba, located in Cartago province 60 kilometers northeast of the capital San José, resumed Monday night with an increase in volcanic tremors, according to a report from UNA’s Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI).

The report adds that the ash plume from the explosion reached approximately 300 meters (985 feet) above the volcano’s crater.




Mauricio Mora, a volcanologist with UCR’s National Seismological Network (RSN), said windy conditions in the morning dispersed the ash plume towards the west and northwestern areas of the Central Valley. Ashes mainly reached sectors in northeastern San José, and certain areas in Alajuela and Heredia provinces.

People reported smelling sulfur and seeing ash on the ground in communities north and east of the capital including Coronado, Moravia, Guadalupe, Tibás and Montes de Oca.
Tuesday morning’s activity, however, was not as strong as that recorded earlier this year, when ash plumes exceeded 3,000 meters (9,800 ft.) above the volcano.
The new explosion followed 43 days of low activity, after the last important explosion recorded on August 1.


Source :   TICO TIMES

Photo : Archives RSN


Klyuchevskoy , Kamchatka :

56.06 N, 160.64 E;
Elevation 15580 ft (4750 m)
Aviation Color Code is ORANGE

The volcanic eruption continues.

An explosive-effusive eruption of the volcano continues. The effusing of lava flows along the eastern and south-western volcanic flanks continues. An ash plume is reising up to 6.5 km a.s.l. and drifting to the south-east from the volcano.


There are bursts of volcanic bombs above the summit crater and above the cinder cone into Apakhonchich chute, and strong gas-steam activity of two volcanic centers with emission of different amounts of ash. According to satellite data by KVERT, a large bright thermal anomaly was observed in the area of the volcano all week; explosions sent ash up to 7.5 km a.s.l. and ash plumes extended for about 530 km to the south-east, east, north-east, north-west, west and south-west from the volcano. Small ash layers were observed over Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes on 08 September, but the ash cloud  drifted in Avacha Bay and gradually dissipated.


At night, there is the glow of the lava flows, their number for the last three weeks has risen to five (on the southeast side). A flow continue his descent in a Southwest direction. Occasionally there are ash plumes. At a distance of 14.6 km from the volcano, explosions are heard regularly from the crater.

Source : Kvert , Volkstat ru.

Photos : Volkstat ru.

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