April 01 , 2016. EN. Etna , Reventador , Ticsani , Yellowstone , Nevado Del Ruiz .

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April 01 , 2016. EN. Etna , Reventador , Ticsani , Yellowstone , Nevado Del Ruiz .

April 01 , 2016.


Etna , Sicily :

Around 9:30 yesterday morning, the Northeast crater issued a fine ash plume. It is a small phenomenon, yet easily visible from all sides of the volcano due to the lack of cloud cover. In recent days, the Northeast crater had intermittently emitted ash in the atmosphere, but now the phenomenon is more continuous. Other parameters used for monitoring volcanic and especially the average amplitude of volcanic tremor, showed no significant changes compared to the period before the start of today’s emission.


Today, exceptionally clear weather and no wind in the Etna summit area allowed to the  ash emissions of the North east crater to form a plume of several hundred meters high, visible from throughout eastern Sicily. However, these emissions appear to be slightly larger than those of recent days, but they are only the product of fine debris of old volcanic rocks torn from the walls of the conduit of the North East crater. Also today, minor gas emissions were observed from the « puttusiddu« , the small vent that was the site of the last activity of the New Southeast Crater, on 6-8 December 2015.


Zoom on the New Southeast Crater of Etna, March 31, 2016, showing a slight emission of gases from the « puttusiddu«  the vent hole that was formed on 25 November 2015 on the upper eastern flank of the cone of the new Southeast Crater and that opened on 6-8 December 2015. steam fumaroles are also rising in the area of the top of the cone.

Source : Marco Neri , INGV Catane , Boris Behncke ,

Photo : Salvatore Lo Giudice. Boris Behncke .


Reventador , Ecuador :

Activity bulletin of the Reventador volcano.
Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The activity of the volcano remains high.
During the night,  noises were heard on the volcano.



From 11:00 (TL) yesterday until 11:00 (TL) today, it was recorded 41 explosions (EXP), 36 events long period (LP), 7 volcano-tectonic events (VT), 1 harmonic tremor signal ( TRA) and 2 episodes of tremor emission (TREM).
Observations emissions and ashes:
The volcano has remained continuously covered.
The SOTE guardian on Reventador reports that noises at night, were heard on the volcano.
Rain and lahars:
There was rain in the morning, but there were no reports of lahars.
This report on a daily basis will be published at 12:00 (TL) and when the level of activity of the volcano will require. In the case of an increase or a change in the behavior of the volcano, it will immediately issued a special report.

Source : IGEPN

Photo : info7.mx


Ticsani , Peru :

Detailed analyzes of seismicity recorded by the telemetric network of Ticsani volcano have identified the occurrence of hybrid-type earthquakes since December 2015. This type of seismicity indicate magmatic movements in a magma chamber. During this month, there was an increase in the frequency of these events compared to January and February 2016.
The fracture type of earthquakes (VT) showed three peaks of activity during this period of analysis, which took place on 08, 22 and 30 March, with the recording of  earthquakes with intensity (II III) perceived by the population. During this month, it was observed an average of 151 VT / day, which shows that these events increased by 50% compared to the previous period (Report No. 02-2016).

LP type events associated with fluid movements, remain rare, showing a similar number to that recorded in the previous report (1 LP / day) on average.
Tremor type earthquake registered a daily rate of 3 min / day. These events occur sporadically and, in general, are of short duration and low seismic energy.

A total of 832 events related to the fracturing of rocks VTS (75% more than in the previous period) were located in this period. The observed events are grouped into two areas: the first is very close to the dome 3 of Ticsani and a second seismic focus  5 km east of the massif. The depth distribution of events is between 4 and 10 km, with magnitudes between M0,5 and M4.


It should be mentioned the presence of three major earthquakes that occurred on March 30, which were perceived by the people settled in the vicinity of the volcano Ticsani (intensities II – III). The telemetric network from OVS, consisting of four seismic stations in this massive, recorded these events
SO2 anomalies: The satellite system « EOS Aura » GSDMNASA (http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/) recorded low density values of SO2 gas in this period.
Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (www.mirovaweb.it) did not detect thermal abnormalities in the period on the Ticsani volcano (VPR = 0 Mega Watts).

Source : IGP

Photos : Mapio .OVS.


Yellowstone ,  United – States :

This morning, at 00:01, an earthquake of M 4.8 on the Richter scale occurred in North -East From Yellowstone Park. A 800m long fracture has been opened, letting out lava fountains of up to 100m high.

Seismic activity is at its highest and periods of tremor keep coming one after the other. The area covered by magma excess of 8 km2. All accesses are blocked and the surrounding towns are beginning to be evacuated.



The airports in the region are closed. The USGS scientists are worried that seismic activity is gaining Mount St Helens, destabilizes shale gas drilling, and wins the San Andreas fault. If such a phenomenon occurs, a piece of the earth’s crust comes off to either collapse if the pressure of the magma is insufficient or would be expelled. Which would expose the core of our planet.
President Obama visits the site this morning to assess the situation

The next bulletin will be published as soon as possible.

Source : LCDV. ( 01/04/2016)

Photo :   Lumen Art Studio


 Nevado Del Ruiz , Colombia :

It shall be notified to the authorities and communities that the volcano Nevado Del Ruiz continues to present episodes of volcanic pulse of short duration and significant levels of energy. We noticed a pulse of tremor that occurred yesterday at 8:04, which was associated with an emission of ash that has been identified on the web camera installed in the volcano area, as well as from the city of Manizales, which reached an altitude of 3,500 m above the crater.


It is not ruled out the possibility of falls of ash on cities that are downwind now coming from the Southwest, such as Manizales, Villamaria, Chinchina, Santa Rosa y Pereira.

Source : SGC.

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