March 02 , 2016. EN. Fuego, Telica , Momotombo , Masaya , Colima .

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March 02 , 2016. EN. Fuego, Telica , Momotombo , Masaya , Colima .

March 02 , 2016.



 Fuego , Guatemala :

Bigining of an eruption on the Fuego volcano .

Type: vulcanian.
Morphology : composite Stratovolcano
Geographical location: 14 ° 28 ‘54 « North Latitude, 90 ° 52′ 54 » West Longitude.
Height: 3,763m.


As reported in the last 24 hours the Fuego volcano experienced an increase in activity, entering into a phase of eruption with explosions and ash emissions constant, rising to 5,200 meters, and moving in the direction Southwest and West, about 20 km.
The explosions were accompanied by constant rumblings, and are from moderate to strong character.
A lava flow is observed in the direction of Las Lajas Canyonover a distance of 600 meters. Moderate block avalanches occur to the canyons Las Lajas and Trinidad.


Pyroclastic flows descended into the canyon las Lajas, reaching a distance of 3 kilometers, as seen in the photographs.
Ash falls were recorded in Morelia, Hagia Sophia, La Rochelle, Panimaché I and II, and may extend to the southwest of the volcanic complex.
This eruption can increase into energy in the coming hours and generate ash falls over a greater distance. It is also possible to generate other flow of lava and other pyroclastic flows.

To the general population, it is advisable to pay attention to information that the authorities published in the media, newsletters, website and social networks. People who live in areas near the Fuego volcano must avoid risking their lives, avoid rumors and cover food and containers where water is stored for consumption, to avoid contamination. If you know hazardous conditions, an emergency or a disaster, it is necessary to report to the nearest authorities.


Guatemala: le volcan Fuego déclenche l'alerte orange

To the Directorate General of Civil Aviation -DGAC-, it is advisable to take precautions with air navigation because the presence of ash in suspension. And to pay attention to the ash column which is estimated at 5500 meters above sea level and to the changes in wind direction that may occur during the day.

Source : Insivumeh.

Photo : Sam Dyson


Telica , Nicaragua .

INETER reported a fracture in the crater of the Telica volcano.

February 29, 2016. The Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) reported Monday that there is a fracture in the crater of the Telica volcano, located in the department of León.
Rosario Murillo, coordinator of the Commission Communication and Citizenship, introduced the report and explained that, following this fracture « lava was observed. » However, he added that « this happens frequently on this volcano, and volcanic flue is open, so the magma rises easily without causing explosions « .


telicaOn the Telica, activity is still high, showing  seismic amplitude values in real time as low to moderate  , « he said.
Murillo recommended to tourists and area residents not to approach the crater of the volcano about 1060 meters.

Communicates of INETER on 01/03 for Telica Volcano:
In the last 24 hours, five gas and ash explosions were recorded, which reached a maximum height of 300 meters above the crater and were dispersed in the direction West and Southwest. The highest was recorded at 8:19 today, which maintained the expulsion of ash and gas up to 8:33 (14 minutes).

Microseismicity remains high, showing a seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) of low to moderate values, between 20 and 180 units.
New explosions can still occur even with a little more energy, as well as the expulsion of hot rock fragments.
Tourists and people are asked not to approach the crater of the volcano.

Source :  EL NUEVO DIARIO , Ineter.

Photo : tourdumonde2012


Momotombo, Masaya ,Nicaragua :

March 1, 2016
Momotombo volcano.

At 6:46 today, the Momotombo volcano had another explosion of gas, ash and incandescent material.
The volcanic material column rose to about 1200 meters above the crater, which was dispersed to the West and Southwest.
The emission of gases and ash was held for 16 minutes and created a very large cloud of volcanic ash on top darkening the sky around him.


A total of 88 explosions have occurred on the volcano since the beginning of its recent activity was recorded.
The micro-seismic activity remains the same as the previous weeks, and seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) is at low to moderate values between 40 and 160 units.

Volcan Masaya.
In the last 24 hours, an increase of magma movement was registered in the Santiago crater of the Masaya volcano with the meeting of the two mouths that were very close in the southwest of the crater.
Currently, the volcanic tremor remains high, having a seismic amplitude in real time (RSAM) moderate to very high, between 400 and 1100 units.

The possibility of explosions occurring in the crater persists and the crater Santiago can expel gas, ash and incandescent rocks, and small amounts of lava.
Specialists from the INETER will make a field visit to the Masaya volcano to observe this phenomenon more closely and make gas monitoring.

Source : Ineter .

Photos : Photovolcanica.

Video : Julian Elias Calero Villarreyna


Colima , Mexique :

Confirmation of the new growth of the dome of the Colima volcano.
March 1, 2016

The National System of Civil Protection has confirmed the growth of a lava dome, with a low extrusion rate in the crater of Colima volcano.
With an overflight conducted Monday (29), the Civil Protection has noted an increase in the size of the lava dome and an increase in fumarolic activity in the South-East.



« In parallel to the monitoring and observation of the Volcan de Fuego, in recent days, there has been a seismic activity that is associated with the rise of magma, with a very typical fumarole activity to the rise of magmatic material indicated Civil Protection through a statement.
The agency added that the northern flank of the fumarole temperatures have maintained a high level compared to other years, and continues to record a slight glow on top of the volcano.




Therefore, the National System of Civil Protection, reiterated to the public that the exclusion zone for all kinds of activity is 5 km radius around the crater, except Montegrande canyon, which is 12 km, this because of the temperature in the pyroclastic flow. Avoid staying in the ravines near the volcano, because of the sudden and violent rains can trigger lahars.


Source :


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