November 23, 2015. EN. Telica, Chaparrastique, Karymsky.

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November 23, 2015. EN. Telica, Chaparrastique, Karymsky.

November 23, 2015.



Telica, Nicaragua : 

The Telica volcano, located near Leon, recorded a strong explosion at 08:45 this Sunday, reported the departmental authorities.
The activity was accompanied by an emission of gas and ashes. One observer told to Radio Ya about column of ash that reached 500 meters.
« With the explosion, the COMUPRED were activated and the two brigades that are in the communities, that are prepared for all situations, » said Delgadillo Evertz, political secretary of the FSLN in Leon.
Ash falls produced by the explosion, are reported in the communities of Quezalguaque, Chichigalpa, Posoltega, Chinandega and part of El Realejo, said a source at the Civil Defense.

Residents of the affected sites are covered with scarves and umbrellas; and traders covered their products.
« We continue in the SINAPRED to handle any situation. There was another explosion. We hope this is just an explosion to decompress  the crater, this is a volcano that remains active, « said Delgadillo.


Telica, one of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes, has erupted frequently since the beginning of the Spanish era. This volcano group consists of several interlocking cones and vents with a general NW alignment. Sixteenth-century eruptions were reported at symmetrical Santa Clara volcano at the SW end of the group. However, its eroded and breached crater has been covered by forests throughout historical time, and these eruptions may have originated from Telica, whose upper slopes in contrast are unvegetated. The steep-sided cone of 1061-m-high Telica is truncated by a 700-m-wide double crater; the southern crater, the source of recent eruptions, is 120 m deep. El Liston, immediately SE of Telica, has several nested craters. The fumaroles and boiling mudpots of Hervideros de San Jacinto, SE of Telica, form a prominent geothermal area frequented by tourists, and geothermal exploration has occurred nearby.


Source :  elnuevodiario , GVP.


Chaparrastique ( San Miguel), El Salvador :


Special Report No 96.

Seismic vibrations recorded under Chaparrastique volcano remain at low values.
In the period from 13 to 20 November 2015, the seismic vibration of San Miguel volcano fluctuated between 87 and 188 RSAM average units per hour, with an average of 128 units.


Until the publication of this report, it was not reported by local observers abnormal activity of the volcano.
Sulfur dioxide emissions show slight fluctuations, but with a tendency to remain stable.

Sulfur dioxide emissions remained below 500 tonnes / day since November 10, 2015. The average of the last seven days is 387 tons / day.
Monitoring records indicates that there is still a possibility that the volcano continues to present trends in its activity that can take the form of small exhalations with gas and ash emissions, so that MARN  continues the reinforced monitoring of the volcano.
To this end, the Marn invites journalists and individuals do not approach the top of the volcano, because of the degree of danger it presents.


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The symmetrical cone of San Miguel volcano, one of the most active in El Salvador, rises from near sea level to form one of the country’s most prominent landmarks. The unvegetated summit of the 2130-m-high volcano rises above slopes draped with coffee plantations. A broad, deep crater complex that has been frequently modified by historical eruptions (recorded since the early 16th century) caps the truncated summit, also known locally as Chaparrastique. Radial fissures on the flanks of the basaltic-andesitic volcano have fed a series of historical lava flows, including several erupted during the 17th-19th centuries that reached beyond the base of the volcano on the north, NE, and SE sides. The SE-flank lava flows are the largest and form broad, sparsely vegetated lava fields crossed by highways and a railroad skirting the base of the volcano. The location of flank vents has migrated higher on the edifice during historical time, and the most recent activity has consisted of minor ash eruptions from the summit crater.

Source : Marn, GVP

Photo : correodelorinoco



Karymsky, Kamchatka:

54.05 N, 159.44 E;
Elevation 4874 ft (1486 m)
Aviation Color Code is ORANGE

Moderate eruptive activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700 ft (6 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft.


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A moderate explosive eruption of the volcano continues. Satellite data by KVERT showed ash plumes drifted about 160 km to the east on November 16-17; the volcano was quiet or obscured by clouds during other days of the week.

Ash plumes from the volcano drifting east at estimated 23,000 ft (7 km) altitude were reported by VAAC Tokyo yesterday.

Source : Kvert. Vaac Tokyo.

Photo : Mikhail Zelensky

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