October 16 , 2015. EN. Piton de la Fournaise, Ubinas, Concepción .

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October 16 , 2015. EN. Piton de la Fournaise, Ubinas, Concepción .

October 16 , 2015.


Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion :


Activity Bulletin Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 07h00 (Local time)

Since October 12 we see a very strong increase in the intensity of the eruptive tremor on all our stations. We reached the top and on the station Rivals some values equal or superior to those recorded during the first hours of eruption.

In parallel measurements of SO2 performed using DOAS station in our network recorded a strong increase: for example, on October 2 we recorded 205 T / J (tons per day) and on 12 October , 1990 T / J . This is also observed by the sensor OMI on board of AURA satellite. These data allow us to calculate a plume of SO2 (a mass equal to 1138 T) was present between the top and 300 km west of the island on October 13 at 14 h local time. This value is twice the maximum observed since August 24. (For information the difference between the DOAS data and satellite data is related to the resolution of embedded sensors).




Using the two satellites MODIS (Terra and Aqua), Turin University informs us that the lava flow emitted by the eruption reached on October 14 , 12 m3s-1 (+ – 4 m3s-1). Which is coherent with the models applied to data recorded by our instruments. They give us the values of 8.9 to 13.5 m3s-1.
Only strain measurements show a reverse trend deflation both apex region, at the base of the volcano or even outside of the Enclos .



On the eruptive site of numerous lava flows from small ephemeral vents are visible. These ephemeral vents are taking place across the lava field. These phenomena are clearly visible at the foot of Piton de Bert.
A hornito (volcanic degassing cone, generally small size formed by the agglutination of hot lava shreds, or slag,   fallen yet liquid and welded together.) was constituted in the southwest of the cone. This type of morphology is formed after a significant pressure applied by the lava on tunnel roof from the inside thereof. The process is the same as that which sets up the ephemeral mouths but in this case the pressure is higher and the flows that also follow. We have even seen during the night of 13 to 14 October the presence of projections at the level of the hornito, evidence of great pressure.


Source : OVPF

Photo:  Fournaise info , Denis shoot PixL.



Ubinas, Perou :

An ash falls notice has been issued by the INGEMMET:

Event Type : ash emission
DATE: October 15, 2015

LOCAL TIME: 3:26 p.m.
Ash dispersion direction: south, southwest
Height of the eruption column: 1500 m above the crater.
Ash dispersal area: 10 km
Towns and areas affected: Ubinas, Querapi, Sacohaya.

OBSERVATIONS: From 2:01 p.m. this afternoon, was recorded small pulses of ash emissions, due to the volcanic degassing system. These emissions can continue in the coming hours.

For more details on this event, visit the South Volcano Observatory website (OVS) and Volcano Observatory INGEMMET (OVI).


Monitoring agencies have warned that the ash moves south and southwest and affects people of Ubinas Valley.
The Ubinas volcano, located in the Andes of southern Peru, issued on Thursday a column of ash 1,500 meters above its crater that is dispersed in a radius of ten kilometers, announced the Instituto Geofísico del Peru (IGP) and the Instituto y Minero Geológico Metalúrgico (INGEMMET).

Among the areas that are affected are Ubinas, Querapi and Sacohaya, located in the Moquegua region.
The committee warned that ash emissions may continue in the coming hours and asked the neighboring cities to take precautions against possible rainfall of ash.



Source : IGP/ Ingemmet , Noticiasrcn.com.



Concepción , Nicaragua :


A collapse in the Concepción Volcano, located in the Nicaraguan island of Ometepe, has affected 276 square kilometers. According to the Risk Unit of the Mayor of Altagracia, rainfall has generated lahars in the communities of La Chirca (north of the volcano), and the La Union and Los Ramos (both southeast of the Colossus), without affecting housing and people in these communities.

A layer of sand and mud was deposited on the street in La Union and Los Ramos, and mixed with mud and sand in La Chirca, which are already being cleared, as the coordinator of the Council of Communication and Citizenship stones, Rosario Murillo. Continuing heavy rainfall in the area is more likely the occurrence of similar or stronger events, so people are encouraged to be vigilant and attentive to the guidelines of the Government, the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Estuidos (INETER) said.

The associated lahar (mudflow with stones) signal was observed in the seismogram stations Concepción volcano, between 12:10 and 1:05 am on Wednesday (local time).

On the other hand, from 12:00 pm on Tuesday, October 13 and 12:00 on Wednesday, 14 eight quakes were registered in the country, seven of which occurred in the local faulting and one in area subduction.



Volcán Concepción is one of Nicaragua’s highest and most active volcanoes. The symmetrical basaltic-to-dacitic stratovolcano forms the NW half of the dumbbell-shaped island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua and is connected to neighboring Madera volcano by a narrow isthmus. A steep-walled summit crater is 250 m deep and has a higher western rim. N-S-trending fractures on the flanks of the volcano have produced chains of spatter cones, cinder cones, lava domes, and maars located on the NW, NE, SE, and southern sides extending in some cases down to Lake Nicaragua. Concepción was constructed above a basement of lake sediments, and the modern cone grew above a largely buried caldera, a small remnant of which forms a break in slope about halfway up the north flank. Frequent explosive eruptions during the past half century have increased the height of the summit significantly above that shown on current topographic maps and have kept the upper part of the volcano unvegetated.


Source : Notimerica , GVP.

Photo : lakesideretreatcenter.com


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    Last year we spent some time on Ometepe. took local bus around main island on what often was not more than a tractor track. Beautiful!! Signs everywhere of evacuation route in case of eruption. During Somoza regime, Volcán Concepción erupted. The government offered to provide boats to help evacuate from the island. The people refused, preferring danger of eruption over anything to do with the corrupt government!

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