October 15, 2015. EN . Karangetang, Cotopaxi, Cleveland .

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October 15, 2015. EN . Karangetang, Cotopaxi, Cleveland .

October 15, 2015.



Karangetang, Siau Island , Indonesia :


2.78°N, 125.4°E
Elevation 1784 m

Based on observations conducted at the Karangetang Volcano Observation Post in the village of Salili, PVMBG reported during 30 September-7 October that lava flows traveled as far as 200 m S. Incandescent avalanches from the fronts of lava flows traveled as far as 2 km E down the Batuawang and Kahetang drainages, and 1 km down the Batang (S) drainage.


Seismicity decreased, but continued to be dominated by signals characteristic of avalanches. Harmonic tremor was also detected. The Alert Level remained at 3 (on a scale of 1-4); visitors and residents were warned not to approach Karangetang within a 4-km radius. Based on analyses of satellite imagery and wind data, the Darwin VAAC reported that on 8 October an ash plume rose to an altitude of 2.7 km (7,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted 65 km E.


Source: Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi , GVP .

Photo : VSI


Cotopaxi, Ecuador :

0.677°S, 78.436°W
Elevation 5911 m

IG reported that during 7-13 October gas, steam, and ash plumes rose from Cotopaxi as high as 2.5 km above the crater and drifted NW, W, and SW. Ash fell on the N flank on 7 October. Ashfall was also reported in El Chasqui Chaupi, Machachi (24 km NW), Aloag (28 km NW), and Obelisco on 8 October, and in San Ramón, San Agustín, San Isidro (58 km N), Rumipamba de Espinosas (53 km NNW), Callo Mancheno, Santa Catalina (52 km N), and San Francisco on 13 October.

The activity in the last hours has been characterized by episodes of tremor.
Most of the time the volcano remained cloudy, but through the clouds, different emissions were observed with ash contents, especially in the afternoon, or the amount of ash emission was moderate. They reached an altitude of 1 km and were headed west; in this area, the staff of the Institute reported ash fall.
At midday, a small lahar on the slopes Northwest was recorded which caused no problem.


Always the splendid pictures of José Luis Espinosa Naranjo.

Technical and annexes observations:

From 06:00 (TL) to 17.00 (TL), 27 events volcano tectonic (VT), 5 events of tremor emission (TR) and 4 events long period (LP) were recorded.
Observations of emissions and ash:
In the morning, the volcano still partly cloudy, and the amount of ash in the emission was weak. However, during the emission of ash in the afternoon, which was moderate with a height of 1 km westward, staff working in this sector of the volcano reported ash fall.
The value of sulfur dioxide emissions is 1248 tons / day, with 34 valid measures.
Today, the rains were present on certain sectors of the volcano and about noon, a small lahar was generated on the north – west side, which caused no problem.


Source :  GVP , IGEPN

Photo : José Luis Espinosa Naranjo .


Cleveland, Alaska:

52 ° 49’20 « N 169 ° 56’42«  W,

Summit Elevation 5676 ft (1730 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: ADVISORY
Current Aviation Color Code: YELLOW



Helicopter view of Tana, Cleveland, Herbert volcanoes. Photographs from fieldwork in the Islands of Four Mountains, July and August 2014.

Based on a decline in activity at Cleveland over the past month, AVO earlier today lowered the Level of Concern Color Code to YELLOW and the Alert Level to ADVISORY. Nothing of note was observed in web camera and satellite views of the volcano over the past day. No significant events were detected in seismic or infrasound (pressure sensor) data.


Source : AVO

Photo : Lyons, John


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