July 17, 2015. English . Sinabung , Misti, Cotopaxi, Ubinas.

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July 17, 2015. English . Sinabung , Misti, Cotopaxi, Ubinas.

July 17, 2015. 


Sinabung , Indonésie :

New fresh from the Sinabung:

In the context of observations of the eruption of Sinabung organized by 80 Jours Voyage with volcanologist Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff, Sylvain Chermette accompanying the group sends us some news:

In recent days the volcano was significantly in the clouds, which limited the observations. Moreover the activity clearly decreased compared to the end of June, with an average of 1 /3 pyroclastic flows per day and many landslides (not really observable). The flows are directed either on the south side, or on the southeast side and travel an average distance of 2 to 3 km on the flanks of the volcano.

We took advantage of the cloud cover on 14/07 to go discuss on the level of activity of the volcano with the responsible of the Sinabung volcano observatory. It is there that seismographs have confirmed the activity level above.
tn_Sinabung15-07 sismo

The aftermath (15/07 & 16/07), the much better visibility allowed us to observe a pyroclastic flow / day. A show that everyone appreciated at its true value after several hours of waiting! With more, the observation of a hundred avalanches / landslides per day when the summit is reached.

Source : Sylvain Chermette / 80 jours voyage.

Photos : Sylvain Chermette.


Misti , Perou :

VT type Earthquakes or fracture showed peaks of activity on 06 and 11 July, with the recording of maximum energy values of 5.2 MJ. Apart from these events, the activity observed in the last fortnight, indicating a downward trend of these values. The calculated power of such VT events in this period is on average only 01 megajoules per day. Therefore, seismicity related to rock fracturing remains low.


The type of LP seismicity associated with fluid dynamics (gas and steam), maintains a low occurrence rate in the day, with an average of 7 LPs / day. On July 11, a resultant value of this activity has helped to recorded 14 events. The calculated energy shows minimum values. For its part, the tremor activity remains low, except for a slight increase recorded on July 12, which reached 21 minutes. During this period, were observed 6 minutes of tremor per day.

The events location map generated during the period of 1 to 14 July 2015 shows an overall distribution of earthquakes on a NNW-SSE axis, up to 1 km from the crater. This activity is between 0.5 to 2.0 km depth below the surface of the crater. The maximum recorded was magnitude 2.9 ML and corresponds to the event that took place on July 11 at 6:11 HL.


Source : IGP Perou .

Photo : Nicolas Beuchat


Cotopaxi, Equateur :

DAILY REPORT , STATE of the volcano Cotopaxi No.44 July 16, 2015

SUMMARY OF THE ACTIVITIES OF THE VOLCANO: Status level: Active without eruption.

Internal Activity Level: High



The change in the level of internal activity is due to the flow of SO2 , who has exceeded a preset level for Cotopaxi. It is important to note that this parameter can vary considerably from one day to the other, as seen in previous reports. This variability has caused the change in level discussed above. It should be noted that other monitoring parameters, such as seismic deformation, showed no significant changes between yesterday and today; for example, the seismic energy released by the Cotopaxi these days is lower than that recorded in early June-2015.


Seismicity: In the last 24 hours, 35 long-period events (LP) were recorded, and 74 episodes of tremor (TR).

Gas: From 7:00 to 5:00 p.m. yesterday, was recorded through the DOAS instruments, a stream of 4937 t / d of SO2, average value obtained from 60 measurements. This value is the highest recorded since the start of monitoring of SO2 in 2008.

Observations, emissions and ashes:
The volcano has remained mostly cloudy, it was not possible to observe the surface activity, the staff report of Cotopaxi National Park indicates that it was not perceived a smell of sulfur nor any moderate winds in the area. Very slight falls of fine white ash were reported in the sector of Il Mulalo. These reports have not been confirmed and the ashes could come from volcanoes like Reventador or Tungurahua . There was ash clouds reports by pilots (source VAAC).

Source : Igepn

 Photos : volcanisme-tpe-bj.e-monsite.com , Wikipedia .


Ubinas, Perou :


New notice of ash fall on Ubinas.

Type of event: EXPLOSION Date: July 16, 2015, 23s 16hrs local time.

Ash dispersion direction: North East
Height of the eruption column: 2000 m above the crater.
Dispersal distance: 15km

CITIES and affected areas: Yalahua, Lloque, Chojata, Santa Rosa de Phara, Lucco.

 Source : OVS

Photo : Peru21.

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