July 15, 2015. English. Ubinas, Sabancaya, Zhupanovsky.

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July 15, 2015. English. Ubinas, Sabancaya, Zhupanovsky.

July 15, 2015.


Ubinas, Perou :


Volcanic and seismic monitoring:

Earthquakes LP, associated with fluid movements, show a slight increase in behavior. Their number is higher than the previous period, at 198 LP / day. However, the energy values generated by such events remain low. Seismicity hybrid type, associated with the rise of magma, show a rate of occurrence lower than in previous days. In the analysis of this week was presented a seismicity of 2 HIB / day, with a total of 15 recorded events. Similarly, the energy values decreased.




Events associated with fracturing of the rock (VT), hold the negative rate indicated in the previous report (No. 29-2015). Although such events remains present, the downward trend continues. Therefore, the internal pressure under the volcano is low. In Numbers: 7 VT / day (previous week 22 VT / day) and low energy values.
The seismic tremor is associated most often with ash emissions observed the volcano. In this period this type of activity has dropped to zero.

Events related to ash emissions during this period were explosions / exhalations, seen with more energy compared to the previous week. A total of 25 earthquakes of this type were recorded, generating a maximum seismic energy of 16 megajoules on July 9.


Campbell Scientific camera installed by the Volcano Observatory South (OVS) near the volcano Ubinas captured in recent weeks the images of explosions of 09 and 11 July and registered exhalations. The ashes resulting from these events were dispersed by the wind to the north, east and south of the volcano. An important fumarole activity was observed as a result of these events, the emission of ash dropped to a moderate level.

Source : IGP Perou.

Photos : 20 Minutes ( 2006) , Efe.


Sabancaya, Perou :

The number of LP events (associated with the passage of fluids) decreased during this period, with an average of 32 LP / day (Reporting Nº27-2015: LP 96 / day). The seismic energy values generated by this type of seismicity is low. The number of hybrid events (associated with the rise of magma ) decreased considerably in number and in power from 13 HIB / day and 173 MJ / day (previous report) to 6 HIB / day and 8 MJ / day.




The number of earthquakes VTPS or « proximal volcano-tectonic«  (located less than 6 km away from the crater), maintaining a similar level to the activity of the previous week. During that time, they average 3 VT / day. Seismicity type VT or volcano-tectonic, fell slightly in this period, from an average of 72 VT / day (Report No. 27-2015) to 61 VT / day. The Tremor type of seismicity is low in this period and kept the values observed in the previous period. It was recorded an average of 2 Tremor / day.

The VT type of seismicity was located in the North on a seismic focus located 10 km from the crater of the volcano Sabancaya and on a second group to the north, parallel to the alignment of Sepina (NE-SW). An important event of 3.5 ML (local magnitude) occurred 15 km north-east (the second group) and took place on July 12 at 20:23 UTC. It is important to mention the recording of 03 proximal events (VTP), with magnitude between 2.5 and 2.6 ML within 3 km from the crater. It was recorded 57 VT with magnitudes between 1.6 and 3.5 ml and depths between 0 and 10 km.





Fumaroles activity:
Fumaroles have been consistently observed on the Sabancaya . The density of these plumes was low to medium. Primarily, they it was whitish emissions (water vapor), which have been continuously observed from throughout the day. It was also possible to distinguish bluish gas (magmatic gases), always at the crater, reaching lower heights. Regarding the height observed compared to the previous period (Report No. 27-2015), a significant increase was observed. The height of the fumaroles increased from 950 meters to 1,800 meters in the last week. However, there were days when the emissions do not reached more than 300 meters above the base of the crater.


Source : IGP Perou.
Photos : andina.com, El Pueblo.


Zhupanovsky, Kamchatka :

53.59 N, 159,15 E;
Summit:  9702 pi (2958 m)
Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

Moderate activity of the volcano continues.
An ash cloud approximately 12 km by 12 km drifted about 58 kilometers to the east-southeast of the volcano.

The moderate explosive eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19.700 to 26.240 feet (6-8 km) asl may occur at any time. The current activity could affect international low-flying aircraft.

Source : Kvert.

Photo : A. Nuzhdaev. IVS FEB RAS, KVERT


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