July 11 , 2015. English . Raung, Colima, Sirung .

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July 11 , 2015. English . Raung, Colima, Sirung .

July, 11 ,2015.


After three days of study of seal colonies in the Somme Bay, volcanic activity reasserts itself.


Raung, Indonesie :

Several airports are closed because of ash from the volcanic eruption of Raung.

At least 5 airports in Indonesia are closed because of ash emitted into the atmosphere by the volcano for a second day in western Java. It affects air traffic and flights between Bali and Australia were canceled, affecting many tourists.

The ministry said that the airports will reopen according to the evolution of the volcano which is 120 km from Denpasar airport. The other four airports are:

The Lombok International Airport,
Airport Selaparang in Lombok,
Blimbingsari Airport
Notohadinegoro Airport Jember in East Java.



The Head of Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (DEMR) Mr Surono calls people who live around the foot of Mount Raung, East Java, not to panic and not to believe that the mountain will break out in the near future.

Surono explained that the eruption of Raung is Strombolian type. This means that an eruption that spewed incandescent material will be like sparks of fireworks, seen in the night.
He continued, saying that the type of eruption of Raung is different with the eruption of Merapi. The type of eruption of Merapi volcano, notes Surono, is accompanied by hot and eruptive clouds that glide up to tens of kilometers.



He thinks that the energy emitted by the Raung gradually since 2011 will not create a large eruption. This is different when there is obstruction of volcanic conduits, making it dangerous eruption when the stored energy is suddenly released.

« Well, it’s different on the Raung. Here there is no obstruction , so no energy accumulation . So for now, but is not excluded, the Raung will not have a huge crisis, » -he said.


 Source :  Avcan.

Vidéo : Aris Yanto.


Colima, Mexique :


On the Volcano Colima, Mexico, activity continued to produce exhalations of over 1,500 meters with a moderate ash content. Since May, it was found that the volcano is developing a new lava dome on a previous remains, destroyed by the explosions that occurred since January. This is a normal process of a volcano, the creation and destruction of domes. It is estimated that during the month of May, the dome has reached a height of 10-15 meters.


Since it continues its slow growth, with collapses generating incandescent rock explosions and eruptive columns of less than three kilometers high, causing ashfall in communities near the volcano.

In recent days, there has been an increase in activity with an increase in gas emissions and landslides of incandescent rocks, visible even in daylight. The Civil Protection Unit of the State recommends that people avoid all kinds of activities in an area of five kilometers around the crater and avoid the ravines near the volcano.


Given the likelihood that large and persistent ash fall continues, people should think about covering their nose and mouth, close doors and windows, cover water tanks, sweep the ashes and put them in a bag; those with respiratory problems should avoid going out of their house; avoid driving and if necessary, do it with the lights on.

CENAPRED maintains the yellow alert, but prevention protocols are already active for ash fall in the region, mainly in the cities of Jalisco and Colima and nearby cities where shelters are located in case of evacuations in next days.

Source : AVCAN, noticieros.televisa.com

Photo : Hernando Rivera, Webcamdemexico.



Sirung ,Île Pantar, Indonésie:


 Darwin VAAC raised the aviation alert level to orange, after a plume of steam and possible light ash emissions were seen on satellite images drifting SW from the volcano last Tuesday.
Local observers reported a thick steam plume rising approx. 500 m from the volcano, but the volcano observatory had no particular indications (such as increased earthquakes, sulfur smell, rumblings) of a new eruptive phase.
The last confirmed activity at the volcano was likely a   phreatic explosion in May 2012.




Sirung volcano is located at the NE end of a 14-km-long line of volcanic centers that form a peninsula at the southern end of Pantar Island. The low, 862-m-high volcano is truncated by a 2-km-wide caldera whose floor often contains one or more small lakes. Much of the volcano is constructed of basaltic lava flows, and the Gunung Sirung lava dome forms the high point on the caldera’s western rim. A number of phreatic eruptions have occurred from vents within the caldera during the 20th century. Forested Gunung Topaki, the 1390-m high point of the volcanic chain, lies at the SW end and contains a symmetrical summit crater.


Source : T Pfeiffer , GVP
Photo : hirang.webs.com.
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