01/07/2015. English . Ubinas , Sinabung, Shishaldin, Colima.

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01/07/2015. English . Ubinas , Sinabung, Shishaldin, Colima.



Ubinas, Perou :


The earthquakes LP type associated with fluid movements, remained at an average of 137 LP / day, as in the previous week. Energy values generated by such events are low. In this period there have been earthquakes of type « Tornillos« , combined with the pressure of fluids in the cavities. A total of 6 « Tornillos«  this week with accumulated energies below 0.2 MJ, this activity remains low. Seismicity hybrid type, associated with the rise of magma rose slightly. This week, a total of 22 events (16 hybrids in the previous period) were recorded. Similarly, an energy peak of 6.4 MJ generated on June 25, also reflects the increase mentioned above.


vents associated with fracturing rocks (VT) showed a similar behavior than in the previous period. With an occurrence of   46 VT/ day and maximum value recorded on June 25. Seismic tremor recorded by telemetry stations OVS is very often associated with the exhalations of ash observed over the volcano. This type of recording (exhalation) increased slightly during this period. Similarly, still observed harmonic tremors, which are associated with vibrations generated during the passage of fluids. These harmonic tremors were of short duration and low energy.





This week the OVS system recorded and reported four explosions that have occurred since June 24 . The most explosive episode was recorded on June 24 at 17:38 local time, generating 17 MJ of energy. Fumaroles, composed of ash and other magmatic gases, reached a maximum altitude of 3000 meters above the base of the crater being dispersed to the north, northwest, east, southeast , south and southwest of the volcano. Until the end of this technical report, the issuance of volcanic ash was generated less frequently, interspersed with periods of relative calm.

Thermal anomalies: The system Mirova detected  1 thermal anomaly of 1 MW , June 24 ,on the volcano.


Source : IGP.

Photo : Mayake. Sgrd.pcm.gob.pe.



Sinabung, Indonésie :

The activity remains intense. The volcano continues to extrude a viscous lava dome that regularly generates glowing avalanches and pyroclastic flows which descended ever further. Associated ash plumes rise several kilometers .. The volcano remains at the highest alert level (4 of 4).


80 Jours voyage ,  accompanied by volcanologist Jacques-Marie and Sylvain Bardintzeff CHERMETTE offers to go watch these eruptions of 12 to 20 July 2015 for a 9 day trip


Photo : Sadrah Peranginangin



Shishaldin , Alaska :

54 ° 45’19 « N 163 ° 58’16 » W,

 Summit Elevation 9373 ft (2857 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE


Low-level eruptive activity continues. Seismicity remains above background levels and is characterized by continuous seismic tremor. No activity was observed in satellite views in the past 24 hours. A small, discontinuous, white steam plume and dusting of ash at the summit was visible in clear web camera images today.

Source : AVO



Colima, Mexique :

19,514 ° N, 103.62 ° W 

Summit : 3850 m

Based on webcam views, the Washington VAAC reported an explosion at Colima on 18 June that ejected lava onto the flanks and possibly produced an ash emission. Ash emissions were visible in the webcam later that day. On 21 June satellite images showed a diffuse ash plume drifting WNW, and Colima Tower reported ash to altitudes of 4.6-6.1 km (15,000-20,000 ft) a.s.l.



An incandescent explosion of Colima Volcano, March 19, 2015 at 5 in the morning. According to this image, the height of the incandescent column may have exceeded 1km above the crater. This is not a very common phenomenon of the volcano of Colima, which some call « fountain » because the volcanic activity of Etna (which is very common) looks like.

Source  : Tapiro photographer

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